The Metamorphosis of Randy Orton

AkDSenior Writer IJanuary 28, 2009

Many if not all of WWE greatest superstars all have an impressive time line to loo back on.

More importantly we get to witness when they go into their cocoon and when they come out they've established themselves as an elite in the business. I don't mean just your average main eventer because almost anyone can do that.

Let me elaborate further on this.

They have that moment when they redefine themselves. They become so big that they aren't just any top card wrestler, they're the top card wrestler that the company needs. I would like to rewind some years back.

Remember Smackdown in 2002 ans 2003? Ah good times. The attitude era was in the ER and on its last breaths. We knew it wouldn't live much longer. We mourned but the show must go on and with death there is new life. Thus came these little critters who were to be our next generation.

Like caterpillars they learn and learn and next thing you know they're in that cocoon about to evolve, improve, take it to the next level. They grow up so fast. One caterpillar I remember quite well.

He was somewhat fit, head full of hair like a mop top, and crawled his way into Vince's office with utter confidence and poise. His name was Orton...Randy Orton, son of WWE hall of famer Cowboy Bob Orton.

His tenure on smackdown wasn't that long. He had a couple of matches including one against Hardcore Holly whom he defeated and one not so good against the raging Brock Lesnar who derailed Orton with that killer F-5.

2003-04 Orton found a new home...a home named RAW. He met WWE veteran Triple H and legend Ric Flair. The two took him under their wings and opened his eyes to a world he never seen before. Not to long down the line, Orton had dominated RAW with his stable members and was a great IC champ.

He had evolved, took in a new breath of air...he transformed. This is a story that's prominent so I'll skip a little. Orton was reborn as the Legend Killer, and like his moniker implied ..he destroyed legends.

He has quite the laundry list to boot including the likes of HBK, Sgt. Slaughter, Dusty Rhodes, Goldust, Mick Foley, Harley Race, The Rock, RVD, and the list goes on. He had reached the pinnacle in 2004 when he became the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in history.

Our little critter was ready to undergo another evolution, transformation, metamorphosis. This would not happen as his own stable would turn on him and beat the guy within an inch of his life.

Headstrong and always persistent, Orton continued the fight but couldn't over come the odds. He was lost. Banished from the home that raised him, he was left to survive on in the cold, cold world. Orton somewhat of traveler, but a lost one in need of direction. He returned to his original birth place Smackdown in hopes to find his way.

He managed to sneak his way into the Wrestlemania 22 main event but came up short to the little grasshopper from San Diego who had dreams literally bigger than himself. Orton soon found out that his old home wasn't the same place it used to be and headed out on the road again.

He met another caterpillar who had similar dreams as him. This wasn't your ordinary critter...nope this guy was rated R, he had an Edge if you catch my drift. Orton and the Rated R superstar formed a stable and set out to dominate the land of RAW.

However, those plans would go awry when renegades DX come into town with two familiar faces for Orton and Edge. The war annihilated both stables as no stable survived in the end. Orton and his fellow critter were no longer seeing eye to eye and the split was inevitable.

Orton would go travel again until he had a revelation. One that resulted in Orton smiling less. One that led to the discontinuation of the Orton poses and the cocky smirks. Orton had finally stepped into the cocoon but he didn't come out a butterfly...oh no, he came out a demon.

This gave birth to a new age and I'm not talking about the dark ages. We were in the age of Orton after the newly transformed demon went under went a metamorphosis and took out the champ John Cena. The RKO wouldn't cut it for the heartless monster, Orton needed a that no one would return from.

Along with this evolution we see a punt more and more often. Orton was even able to retain the Heavyweight title in a triple threat match at Wrestlemania 24 against Triple H and John Cena. His old mentor would be the one to end the age of Orton. When WWE seemed alright again, the viper returned more poisonous than ever.

He got a couple of other dangerous critters in the form of 2nd generation superstars Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiaese. The trio showed their dominance when Orton himself punted and took out Batista then the boss himself, Vince.

On the verge of being fired and with the thought oscillating in his mind, Orton and his Legacy were able to secure his spot in main event of Wrestlemania 25. Instead of getting fired Stephanie McMahon unleashed her emotional brother Shane McMahon on Legacy and he destroyed them. Orton isn't the same person he used to be.

Before we could just worry about an RKO or a conchairto, but now they have to worry about their career..maybe their very lives. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger and I believe Orton will even more stronger and will unleash what ever it is that he has next in his sadistic mind of his.

Before you used to say he could vision his destiny but no he's no longer seeing things, but he's hearing voices and who knows what they'll tell him to do next. From a little critter to an egotistical devious, heartless soul.

Who else has under went a metamorphosis? There are more, but I'll save for future installments. Hope you guys enjoyed.