The Charlotte Bobcats Aren't Who You Think They Are!

CommissionerContributor IJanuary 28, 2009

Since New Years the Bobcats are eight and five. Four of the Bobcats starters are averaging 14 points or more per game since New Years day. The only one who isn't averaging fourteen points per game is Emeka Okafor who is still averaging 13 points per game. And most of this is without D.J. Augustin who was averaging 12 points four assists per game before he had got hurt.

The Bobcats are the only team in the NBA that has six players averaging ten points or more per game.

Also the Bobcats are a game in a half back of the Milwaukee Bucks and they could not just get in the playoffs. But they could also maybe get a the fifth seed in the playoffs and make some noise in the playoffs while they are at it.

Also now that Michael Redd is out for the Bucks. With the Pistons that keep struggling. With the Hawks who are also struggling. With The Heat who have been pretty good and the Knicks who are alright. The only team the Bobcats have to worry about that is lower then a third seed is the Philadelphia 76ers.

The Bobcats have also been beating some good teams since New Years. Since New Years the Bobcats have beaten The Boston Celtics at home. The Bobcats have also beaten the Pistons in Detroit. The Bobcats beat the Portland Trail Blazers at home. The Bobcats Crushed Phoenix at home and the Bobcats could have beaten the Suns by  that game if they wanted to. And last night the Bobcats beat the Lakers in the Staple Center.

The Bobcats also have pretty good bench when you think about. The Bobcats have D.J. Augustine and Shannon Brown. The Bobcats also have Juwan Howard who can be a veteran with Playoff experience. Who will be very useful in the playoffs. And the Bobcats have Nazr Mohommed and DeSagana Diop who can play defense get rebounds.  

I think not only they can get in the playoffs and get a high seed. The Bobcats may win their first playoff series in franchise history and shock the world.