5 Movie Roles The Miz Would Be Better Suited for Than The Marine 3

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterMay 2, 2012

5 Movie Roles The Miz Would Be Better Suited for Than The Marine 3

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    Casting the Miz as the lead in The Marine 3 is an unwise move. 

    WWE Studios announced that the former WWE champion would be starring as a heroic solider in the upcoming film, the third in the series. 

    John Wayne playing Genghis Khan in The Conqueror is still the worst, most misguided casting job in movie history, but the boyish Miz as a Marine isn't far behind. 

    There's no doubt WWE believes in the Miz's crossover appeal.

    Many fans were first introduced to him during his reality TV days on The Real World and Real World/Road Rules Challenge

    He's a charismatic, good-looking, funny guy that could very well make it in movies.  He just needs a role that suits him better.  

Biff in a Back to the Future Remake

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    The Miz would have no problem playing Marty McFly's longtime adversary.

    Biff was an arrogant bully who thought he deserved to be king of the world.  That description fits The Miz snugly. 

    Some of the most satisfying moments of the Back to the Future series have been seeing Biff get his comeuppance. 

    Audiences would delight in The Miz getting socked in the face or covered in horse manure. 

    Let's just hope they don't get Zac Efron to try to fill Michael J. Fox's shoes.  

Used-Car Salesman

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    Fit the Miz with a pair of cheap sunglasses, a pencil-thin mustache and a gaudy yellow plaid coat and stick him in a comedy for hilarious results. 

    The Miz would thrive as a cocky and untrustworthy used car salesman.

    If the Broken Lizard comedy troupe (the minds behind Super Troopers, Beerfest and the Slammin’ Salmon) decide to tackle the world of second-hand car sales, they'd be smart to contact The Miz.

    Given a basic character and some room to improve a few lines, he could let his personality fly.

Rock Star

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    Audiences would not have to use much suspension of disbelief to buy into The Miz being loud or in your face. 

    His leather jacket and spiked hair look would be spot-on rock star were he wearing something other than wrestling tights.

    In a raucous, irreverent comedy The Miz, Jason Sudeikis and Rob McElhenney could play a trio of hotel-trashing rock stars who have to deal with one of the band members finding love and wanting to settle down.

    Insert hot actress here.

    The Miz isn't ready for a lead role, but as a part of a talented and funny cast, he'd shine.  

Frat Boy

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    If The Miz is fine with doing straight-to-DVD movies, there are a ton of Van Wilder and American Pie rip-offs that'd be happy to have him.   

    Arm him with some one-liners and a nerdy Asian sidekick, throw a curvy chick on the movie poster and you have a movie that teenage boys will flock to.

    The emotional range needed for a party-hungry and authority-defying frat boy is minimal. 

    The Miz's charisma could make this potential film more passable than it would be otherwise.  

Professional Wrestler

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    The Rock crossover appeal has fooled movie executives into thinking that all wrestlers can act.

    Of course some of them can, but the closer you tailor the roles to their personality, the better.

    Hulk Hogan's best role was as a professional wrestler named Thunderlips in Rocky III.

    Kane did well in a slight variation of his demented monster gimmick in See No Evil.    

    Especially because his acting experience is minimal, The Miz may be best suited to start out as a glorified extension of his wrestling gimmick.