Moss, Pats: Done Deal

Matt LeeContributor IMarch 3, 2008

Touchdown Receptions: 23

Recieving Yards: 1,493

Total Catches: 98

Not leaving the team that got you there: Priceless

Or, not so much. Apparently you can put a price on the best wide-reciever in the NFL today. And the New England Patriots put a pretty big price on their record-breaking wide-out.

Randy Moss was unbelievable last season, which is part of the reason he had so many options when it came time for him to join a new team.

Or an old one.

For Pats fans, it seemed like he waited until the last possible minute to sign with a club, but in reality the deal was done the first day it could have been.

Fellow teammate, and MVP quarterback, Tom Brady, has lost many wide receivers during New England's championship reign. He has adjusted every year to the specific needs and abilities of his supporting cast.

But this time, things would have been much different. Moss was the best player this team's seen in a while, aside from Brady, of course. He could fly past the coverage and get open at will when ever he needed to. Moss could open the possibilities for the Pats passing game, which allowed Tom to throw it to whoever he wanted to, with ease.

So, your probably right. The Patriots probably won't go undefeated again next year. But imagine where they would be if they lost Randy Moss, after giving up Asante Samuel and Donte Stallworth already.

Thanks for an amazing season last year, Randy. And thanks for an amazing season next year.