Do The Cardinals Deserve a Super Bowl?

kev schwoContributor IJanuary 28, 2009

I've been a die-hard eagles fan for 17-years. I've watched them come up big and throw it all away, countless times.

Just like Atlanta and Carolina fans I thought we were going to go up there and walk away with a sure victory, yet once again the Cardinals, with much help from the young and talented, Fitzgeral,d and the accurate arm behind the, thought to be washed up, Kurt Warner … they beat us.

The Arizona Cardinals are going to the super bowl.

For some reason this just doesn't sound right to me; maybe it’s, because I'm still bitter that the most deserving quarterback in the NFL (McNabb) and one of the best coaches in my opinion (Andy Reid) once again, fell just short of a championship.

The cardinals are not a bad team in any aspect of the game like they're made out to be.

They rank second in passing yards and fourth in points and total yards.

Their only problem was rushing yards and they definitely stepped that up in the post season. Those stats are better than the eagles, panthers and Steelers.

Although a Super Bowl between the Eagles and Steelers would be a much more anticipated and exciting game, the Steelers will be facing the Cardinals on Sunday.

Will Fitz and Anquan be able to tear apart the best secondary in the game?

Or will big Ben continue to play genius football like he has been?

In the end the best team will walk away with the ring.