Joe Torre vs New York Yankees and A-Rod—What It's Really All About!

Ethel Lair@twittel1Contributor IJanuary 28, 2009

I am,as you know, a life long New York Yankee fan. I was always a big Joe Torre fan as well.

I say, I was, because things have changed since he co-wrote the book "Yankee Years" with Mr. Verducci.

He may say he did not say those things or mean them that way or whatever.

The fact is that his name is on the book and he had to have read it and/or approved it for it to be published.

When I heard about the book I lost a lot of respect for our former manager.

I defended him many times and was upset when he did not get invited to be a part of the closing of the old stadium.

I know his number should be retired in "Monument Park" but now I am not so sure of that either.

He was still one of the best managers our team has had leading them to win four championships in five years!

So, I guess one mistake should not keep him from having that number retired, but it is not up to myself or other fans to decide.

We will just have to wait and see on that one. It will be up to the "Boss" and Bosses!

He always said what goes on in the clubhouse stays in the clubhouse.

He got upset with others when they would bash former players and organizations after they left the team. One example is the way he got upset with David Wells book.

I have not read the book and don't intend to read it. I am tired of books like these and tired of the behavior of players also in recent years both on and off the field. 

We think our lives are our own. Not really, because somehow our lives always affect the lives of others. No man is an island unto himself (or herself). 

I feel the way they live and what they believe and stand for also affects the way they play the game.

Those who have good moral values, for instance, play the game more honestly and play their best every game. Cheating to them would not be an option!

Character and reputations are built and cannot be bought at any price. There is a price to pay, however, if we make bad choices and decisions. 

Live is short and we need to realize others look at our lives and how we live them.

So it pays to remember that before we make some of the choices and decisions we make in life. 

Our lives are an open book and no one needs to write about them to see what kind of a person they really are now do they folks?

I have something to say to Joe Torre (and others too). Joe others  know these people and can see for themselves what they are really like. 

They don't need you or others to write about them, as the truth will come out eventually. It always does somehow.

Writing these books and articles for magazines, etc. are not necessary. I feel they are written when someone is bitter or hurt and find it a way to get revenge.

It is also a great way to make money whether they need it or not. It seems they enjoy doing it even at the expense of others!

I agree with David's comment in another article on Bleacher Report. A-Rod does need to find Christ and get away from that weird religion of Madonna.

He needs to get back to the truth. Others have probably tried to tell him and deep down he knows when he has been wrong.

Omitting we're wrong is not always easy, even if necessary. The truth, as they say hurts.

Others have written and made comments about Joe Torre's book already on Bleacher Report and we probably can all agree on one thing that was written.

A-Rod has more to deal with in his life right now than what was said about him in that book or other publications that have, or still will be written about him. 

The only way to get to the truth in life is to read the best selling book of all times! It is not Joe Torre's "Yankee Years" or others like it either! 

I am talking about the "Holy Bible". Alex needs to read that book and find the truth and be set free. It is a great road map for life. It is also like a mirror.

Mirrors don't usually lie. We should all look into that mirror (Bible) and see the truth about ourselves and make any changes needed for the better.

We always think it is the other person who is wrong and needs to change. None of us like change when it comes to changing ourselves.

Joe Torre,  Alex and others have to let go of things in the past and change things in the future.

Joe is in L.A. now and needs to move on. Alex needs to just play the game he is paid to play and give it his all.

It is about time all of these players, managers and even the organizations they play for realize its more than a game and making money.

It is much more than that. We do need money to live, but we don't need to make it at the expense of others. 

Remember something else. Another saying that is so true: "What goes around comes around."

One day it will be over for all of them and then what will it be all about? What will they all have left? 

What will there money and fame have bought them in the end! We never know what tomorrow brings us.

No one has a promise of tomorrow. When we are young sometimes we live recklessly thinking I will settle down when I am older.

Sometimes that day never comes. Many sports players lives cut short for many reasons some of their own making and some not.

Things that count can't be bought like good health and love of family and friends.

There is a saying I had on a plaque once "Only One Life Twill Soon Be Past, Only What's Done for Christ Will Last". 

Not to be too religious as some of you may be saying about this article and me right now. That's okay because I respect everyone's beliefs and opinions. 

I just personally have found out that life is not about us and we do have a supreme being over us.

So, no matter what you or I believe it is not about us!

No one can make it through life on there own. I count on divine help and help from others. 

Ever hear of the "Golden Rule"? Do unto others (Alex, Joe Torre, and every one of us) as we would have them do unto you"?

It would make a big difference in the way the games were played. It would make a big difference in our lives in general. Just by obeying that one rule!

Wouldn't hurt to keep the whole book especially those "Ten Commandments." One thing the Book is about is Love for God then love for others. 

We need to learn to forgive and not use our hurts to get us financial gain and revenge! No man is perfect but we can be forgiven and we can forgive!

So, let's not as part of the media, add fuel to the fire, so to speak.

Let those involved work out their own problems and find the solutions to the real problems they are facing.

Its not all about them and they need to get their eyes off others and ask themselves what they need to change to be a better person.

Then and only then as they change themselves can or will they become better as players and teammates.

Remember there is no "I" in the word team. I think I gave the true meaning of TEAM before so I won't do it again.

Just know it starts with a T for Trust (earning trust of the team) and has no I (for it is not all about I this and I that).

Ask not what others can do for you, but ask what you can do for others. That would work too!

Some do things to get in the spotlight. Some like all the publicity and attention.

Some just really do it because of the money. Some because they can't play any more and do need that money. I'm sure you can think of one or more that fits.

Maybe if the media as a whole would stop glorifying these books written and things done by athletes so much they would think twice before they act on it. 

It is OK to write about these things, but I think sometimes it gets to be drawn out too much!

We have a lot of teams and sports to cover. We sure have many good articles to write about.

Cover a subject and move on unless it deserves more attention! I just think some of these subjects are best left to rest! 

I started this out as a comment to an article and it got drawn out into an article of my own. See what I mean by drawing it out?

I need to heed my own advice. Have a good day of writing all and go easy on me!


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