Tracking Troy Williams' Decision for 2013: North Carolina or Kentucky?

Rollin YeattsFeatured ColumnistMay 1, 2012

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It appears the North Carolina Tar Heels and the Kentucky Wildcats will have to sit on their hands a little longer. This morning, Phoebus High School's 5-star forward Troy Williams postponed his decision on which program he will join in 2013.

Williams was originally planning to announce his future plans after school today. This morning, he had a change of heart and posted this on Twitter:

POSTPONED the decision for a while.…

— Troy Williams  (@troywilliams_) May 1, 2012


From the looks of it, we may not even find out this week. We don't even know when he will make the decision on when he will make the decision. But hey, Williams is just a junior in high school. He should take all the time he needs.

Troy Williams appears to be a pivotal point in the recruiting battle of 2013 between North Carolina and Kentucky. Roy Williams and the Tar Heels have already locked up two 5-star recruits in point guard Nate Britt and power forward Isaiah Hicks, and are hoping to add a third.

We can talk about rumors all day, but the fact is, there has been no announcement. You can probably take whatever you heard with a grain of salt.


I will continue to track the progress and give updates as I receive more information, so be sure to check back throughout the week.


UPDATE: Thursday, May 3

No significant news, so far. For those of you on standby, it doesn't look like we will be getting an answer this week:

RT @jrwade1: @troywilliams_ Are you still planning on announcing this week?// naw, postponed it.

— Troy Williams  (@troywilliams_) May 3, 2012


UPDATE: Sunday, May 6

We're still at the same place we were at the beginning of the week. Williams hasn't released a time frame for his decision. However, a pretty sick new mixtape was released yesterday that I thought you may enjoy. You can check out the Troy Williams video at This kid is electric.


UPDATE: Wednesday, May 9

I still don't have any news for you. This is definitely dragging out. And I'm beginning to feel like a stalker, as much as I have to check Troy Williams' twitter feed.


UPDATE: Thursday,, May 10

Finally, we have something! Though, it doesn't sound like the greatest news for Tar Heel Nation. 

Today, National Recruiting Spotlight released an article on Troy Williams expanding his list of schools. This is what Williams had to say about his latest decision:

We’ll probably let two more schools back in, just to see what else is out there. It’s probably going to be between Florida, Villanova, Georgetown and Louisville. It will probably be Georgetown and Florida.

So what will the decision come down to?

That’s the deciding factor, which head coach I like more. I care about my relationship with the head coaches, not just the assistants. It all depends on the coaching staff.

Is there any indication of what coach he is leaning on?

It would be the Kentucky coaches because before the dead period I stayed in touch with [Kentucky assistant] coach Orlando [Antigua] the most.

Does Roy have a fighting chance?

I love how great I get along with [head] coach Roy [Williams]. The players get along well with each other and I get along well with the players – some of them came from my uncle’s [Boo Williams AAU] program. It’s a really good school, has really good academics and the campus is nice and the guys like coach Roy.

I guess that is somewhat promising. Let's get to the bottom line. When will Troy Williams make a decision?

After the AAU season, after everything is over with.

Fair enough. I'll be honest, though. I am beginning to wonder how much a school can rely his verbal commitment. This could mean he will have a solid choice he won't back out on, or he will be in the Brett Favre class of wafflers.

The saga continues...