Ain't No Stopping Me, NOOO! (The Gold Standard Edition)

Jared BarnesCorrespondent IJanuary 28, 2009

This will be my introduction article to the wrestling section. So shall we start?

I have been wondering what or who I could write about in terms of the WWE. I have plenty of things I like and dislike since I found myself watching it every week again (I go in spurts of watching and not watching).

One problem I have is the lack of change. I went years without paying much attention to the WWE except checking out the divas who are always nice to look at (Maryse :D). Since my return to being apart of its viewer ship the same top guys are still the top guys. Why?

I can't be the only one sick of seeing nice guy and suck up to the crowd John Cena as the main man on Raw. The guy is always the champ except for a few months while being injured. He plays up to the crowd unlike anyone I have ever seen. Jesus John they like you, quit trying so hard. 

HHH is a bore. I love when he's with HBK because he is funny but his matches are mash up of tired and boring. His matches are like watching my goldfish bang his head up against the bowl, he has drinking issues. 

I am glad to see Randy Orton back in the main spotlight and being the main draw for Raw. But what about Smackdown? 

I like Edge as much as the next guy. I like Jeff Hardy's ability to take bumps no one else will take. I like these guys, I really do. But Jeff has some serious trouble with acting and like I told Shane he is about as talented at acting as your average porn star. He really is that bad. He makes things seem about as "real" as the tombstone actually hurting someone.

But we have all seen those feuds done to death, and without the ladders and tables it doesn't have the same luster to me. So why not add a new guy into the mix. A guy who has been in the WWE since 2002 and has been doing great things the whole time. A guy who has proven he can hang with the best and put on terrific matches. 

Shelton Benjamin

Shelton Benjamin is great. I am no fan of the Undertaker and feel like he puts on some really boring matches unless he has someone opposite him to quicken the pace.

Shelton has easily made the two recent Undertaker matches great. Taker looks like a different guy out there with Benjamin. The gold standard has the the best of both worlds. He's strong and fast. When JR talks about him being the best athlete in the WWE he isn't just filling out heads with nonsense like he normally does, he is speaking truth.

Benjamin also has a good gimmick as the cocky gold standard. He always puts on great matches. I wish he had more time to put on better ones though, like on a PPV.

I know most of you can agree, right?

His mic skills may not be on par with Edge but either are the Hardy's and they have been champions. United States championship is OK, sure. But don't we want to see more from this guy? 

Shane said he would have liked to see Shelton win the royal rumble, I couldn't agree more. It would have shocked everyone and been a great new feud between two of the WWE's best. Two quick athletes in the ring putting on a great match, rather than slow guys with four moves. 

I guess we can still hope he finally wins money in the bank. 

The four guys matches I never fast forward through on my DVR are ones involving Benjamin, Morrison, HBK, and Kofi. What do all four have in common? 

All put on great matches, give us something new every time, and are fast. Out with the slow and in with the speed. 

Hope you enjoyed this little whatever article. 

Shelton in 2009...