ECW's Champion Jack Swagger Gets Hornswoggled!

David LloydCorrespondent IJanuary 28, 2009

After successfully defending his title against Matt Hardy at Sunday's Royal Rumble, Jack Swagger "The All-American American" was looking to have a celebration on last nights broadcast of ECW.  However, it was not meant to be...

After Theodore Long announced Matt Hardy requested a move to SmackDown! (surprise, surprise), who would be the next in line to challenge Swagger for the title?

It appears Finlay will be the one to step up to the plate.

Swagger spent the majority of the night searching for his belt after he was interrupted by the Boogeyman and scattered to the back in fear.  The Boogeyman struck fear into the heart of not only Swagger, but his opponent, Ricky Ortiz.  The match never really got started as Ortiz scampered up the ramp a few seconds after the bell rang.

Finlay then took on Paul Burchill.  Burchill was gaining momentum until Hornswoggle emerged from under the ring and made a pass for Burchill's sister, Katie Lea.  Burchill took exception to Hornswoggle's actions, and the distraction was enough for Finlay to hit the Celtic Cross and record the W.

The World's Strongest Man defeated Tommy Dreamer to my dismay.  Dreamer looked to be control after knocking Henry off his feet with a top rope maneuver.  Dreamer then went after the big man's knees.  Dreamer went back up top, but this time, was caught mid-air by Henry.  Henry hit 'The World's Strongest Slam' and got the three count. 

The most entertaining part of the show came when Swagger returned to the ring demanding his belt be returned to him.  ECW GM Theodore Long stated he felt more like an elementary school teacher than a general manager.  He told the guilty party if they fessed up right now, "no harm, no foul."  Finlay came out, and told Swagger he thought he knew who had his title.  Lo and behold, Hornswoggle had it under the ring the entire time.

Though the fans, the announcers, and myself seemed to be very amused by Hornswoggle's actions; Swagger was not.  After Hornswoggle reluctantly handed the title back to Jack, "The All-American American" shoved Hornswoggle to the ground.  Finlay reacted immediately after witnessing the acts of Swagger towards his "son."  Finlay laid out the champ with his own title belt, which should set up an interesting storyline for the ECW heading towards No Way Out.

After all, anything can happen with Hornswoggle roaming around under the ring.