John Cena Assaulted by Laurinaitis, Will Face Each Other at WWE Over the Limit

Michael NargiSenior Analyst IApril 30, 2012

ST. PETERSBURG - OCTOBER 04:  Celebrity John Cena takes in Game Four of the American League Division Series  between of the Tampa Bay Rays and the Texas Rangers at Tropicana Field on October 4, 2011 in St. Petersburg, Florida.  (Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)
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John Cena appeared on Raw with the weight of the world removed and a new edge about him.

Cena revealed that he had no breaks in his arm and suffered no structural damage from Brock Lesnar. The only injury was a strain to his arm.

Cena was quick and witty when he was joined by Laurinaitis in the ring. Every time Laurinaitis tried to speak, Cena had something to say.

Cena told Laurinaitis that he, "sounds like he smoked five lifetimes worth of cigarettes." Laurinaitis listened to the insults but did not react because he knew what was in store for Cena.

Laurinaitis introduced Lord Tensai, making it appear that Cena would face him at WWE Over the Limit.

Lord Tensai, who beat Cena a couple weeks ago, came to the ring looking like he was ready to fight. While Cena was on defense and watching Tensai, Laurinaitis struck him in the head with the microphone from behind. 

Tensai then began the abuse which focused on his injured arm. Once Cena was down, Laurinaitis beat Cena in the middle of the ring. They dragged Cena to the edge of the ring and draped his arm on the steel stairs.

From there, Tensai held Cena's bad arm while Laurinaitis smashed a chair over it.

Laurinaitis revealed to Cena that he would be his opponent at Over the Limit.

It was a complete shock to hear that Laurinaitis will oppose Cena in a match. 

Laurinaitis will likely be able to do whatever he pleases during the match, while Cena will be strictly watched by the refs.

It is yet another uphill battle and another challenge for Cena to overcome.