WWE News: The Bella Twins Reportedly Fired from WWE and Why It's Bad

Julian SalinasCorrespondent IApril 30, 2012

This was just announced on WWE.com:

"WWE.com has learned that The Bella Twins have been fired from WWE.

The news comes just one day after Layla defeated Nikki Bella to capture the Divas Championship at Extreme Rules.

Stay with WWE.com tonight for more details as they become available."

This was just announced by Michael Cole on Monday Night Raw as well.

In my opinion, it's a pretty obvious result. Nicki Bella won the championship from Beth Phoenix just so a returning Layla could beat her.

Also, tonight on Raw, there was a triple-threat match between both Bellas and the new divas champion, with said title on the line—The former LayCool member won in less than a minute.

If this is all part of a storyline, it might be a good idea. But if it really is a done deal, this can mean major trouble for the Divas division.

Think about it. We may have great competitors in Layla and Beth Phoenix, but what about the rest of the diva roster?

Kharma is nowhere to be found, Natalya can't decide on being heel or face, AJ is still lovestruck, Eve has found a good place in power with Johnny, Alicia Fox and Kelly Kelly are just there, and the rest of the divas are on NXT.

WWE will be putting itself in a major pickle if it doesn't do something quick, because the Bellas are just what the WWE needs to keep the division in somewhat of a balance, thanks to actually puttting OK matches, and having pretty good mic skills. They're the perfect opponents for a diva on the rise.