Dunn Bomber = Done Outfield Roster For Yanks

Dave MilazzoContributor IJanuary 28, 2009



A lot has been said about the Yankees' outfield situation, but if Adam Dunn bears a Yankee uniform, the outfield becomes a whole lot brighter.

ESPN's Buster Olney has reported Adam Dunn will be on the Yankees radar if they are able to shed Swisher, Nady, and/or Matsui. This deal makes a ton of sense for the Yankees. They will be able to sell one or two of their unneeded out fielders for the youth they lost in bringing C.C, A.J, and Teix aboard. Then they can add a player who can bat fifth or sixth and possibly hit up to 35 home runs again. 

Dunn is left handed and will be great in the new Yankee Stadium, because the dimensions are the same as the old stadium with the short porch in left. They can sign him to a three-year $30 million deal. Even if he hits .240 with 35 dingers and 90 RBIs, that is great production from a guy batting fifth or sixth.

The Yankees will probably have to wait for Manny to sign. The team that didn’t sign Manny (SF or LA) will draw interest in grabbing Nady, Swisher, or Matsui. The Giants have already expressed interest in Swisher and Matsui but appear to be setting their sights on Man Ram.   

If the Yankees can get a young catcher or infielder, another arm in the bullpen, or maybe a good utility guy they forfeited when they traded Betemit to the White Sox, it will be a great trade for either one of their outfielders. Then they can then fill in the roster spot in with a slugger of Dunn’s fortitude and the lord knows they have the money to do it.

When you can go Damon, Jeter, Teix, A-Rod, Dunn, followed by Cano, who could hit .310 from the No. 6 spot, Posada, who will probably hit 20 homers with 85 RBIs from the No. 7 spot, and either Matsui, Nady, and/or Swisher batting eighth or ninth, you have a dangerous lineup.

Now that being said I think the catalyst in this whole thing is the team missing out in the Manny sweepstakes will have to want to commit to Swisher, Nady, or Matsui, via trade and not look to fix things with money on free agents.   

Another scenario is also possible, that Nady is traded for Randy Winn to help solidify outfield, or Mike Cameron for Melky if the Yankees want to go back down that road. There is also a strong possibility that an outfielder (Swisher, Melky, and/or Nady) and a pitching prospect (Aceves, Hughes, and/or Kennedy) get traded mid-season for Ichiro, Vernon Wells, or even possibly Matt Holliday depending on how the A’s are doing.

Anything is possible for the Yankees and their resources. Who knows, maybe Manny might take two years for $45M from the Yankees.

As for me, I’m praying for the return of Abreu as doubtful as it seems.