WWE News: Former WWE Star Bobby Lashley Returning to the Company?

Drake OzSenior Writer IIApril 30, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

We’ve seen a new trend in the WWE over the last year or so: the return of former stars. 

The Rock, Brock Lesnar, Lord Tensai (a.k.a. A-Train), Kevin Nash and Chris Jericho are among the biggest names to show up in the WWE since the beginning of 2011, with each one of them making a significant impact in the company. 

There was no doubt that their returns and the success that came along with them were going to open the door for more big names to return to the WWE. 

And guess what? It looks like another star could be coming back to the WWE soon. 

From WrestleNewz.com

Former ECW Champion Bobby Lashley recently put feelers out to people in WWE and is interested in returning to the company. 

There is said to be at least some interest in bringing Lashley back but he put word out as WrestleMania season was beginning and a lot of thought wasn’t put into his return. A source says Lashley popping up before next year is a possibility. 

As time goes on, a WWE return for Bobby Lashley seems more and more likely. 

Lashley himself has stated in multiple interviews that he is interested in going back to the WWE, and this gels with a report by WrestlingNewsWorld.com that lists him as one of multiple superstars that wants to return to the company. 

It seems as if former WWE stars have seen what some big names have been able to do when returning to the company, and as a result, are interested in returning themselves. 

I know a lot of fans aren’t crazy about Lashley, but since his MMA career doesn’t exactly seem to be taking off, I would love to see him back in the WWE. 

Sure, Lashley was borderline atrocious on the mic. But I always enjoyed watching him wrestle and thought that he was one of those guys who never reached his true potential in the WWE. 

I’m not crazy about the WWE being taken over my part-timers, though, so I’d really prefer to see Lashley come back on a two or three-year deal rather than have some short six-month or one-year stint. 

The bottom line, though, is that I think he could contribute to the WWE and help bolster its roster, which is never a bad thing, especially at a time when the company’s roster is pretty damn thin.


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