A Sports Bucket List: Top 10 Sports Things to Do Before You Die

Jayson LoveCorrespondent IJanuary 28, 2009

Here is a list of 10 things I think any sports fan would want to do before his or her death.  It's a bucket list of sorts, and an expensive one at that!  They will be numbered 10 down to one, with 10 being what I perceive to be the easiest, and one the most difficult/most costly.  I hope it makes you think, opens a door for you, or inspires you.


10. Take in a ball game at Wrigley Field

Every game is sold out, but with Stub Hub etc., tickets can be had.  You should preferably take in a weekday day game for the park's full effect and end it with a trip into Cubbie Bear, the great bar across the street, after what will hopefully be a Cubs win for the sake of the best possible atmosphere.  


9. Take in a ball game at Fenway; preferably the Monster Seats

Very expensive, but I'd like to do this.  I was there for the All-Star game in '99 and a playoff game shortly thereafter, and really enjoyed every second. 

8. University of Michigan football game - Ann Arbor, MI

I've never done this, and I'd love to check out a game, preferably from the student section at the Big House.


7. Notre Dame football game - South Bend, IN

Like it or not (and I like it), this is becoming easier to do.  I'd love to check out the tradition of a game here.  I hate the program and its fanbase, but I still respect Notre Dame's storied history. 


6.  Daytona 500

I am by no means a race fan, but I would love to check this scene out.  I've heard it's ridiculously fun!


5. The Kentucky Derby

I have heard it's a lot of fun, and I like gambling.  Sounds like my kind of day!  My girlfriend also wants to wear one of those big hats!

4. World Series of Poker Main Event

It's starting to get to the expensive part of the list; does someone want to loan me 10k?


3. Golf at Augusta National

As a golfer, I'd love to play the place where "The Masters" play.


2. Golf at St. Andrews

Golf in Scotland where it all started?  What could be better?   I can't imagine walking over that bridge on The Old Course!  


1. The Super Bowl

I need to go to one of these before they box me up!  Maybe when the Jets are in the game!