Herm Edwards Got Screwed...Sort of

Ben HubbardContributor IJanuary 28, 2009

Whoa there, let me explain. Say these things out loud and think about them, then tell me if the Chiefs should have won more than 2 games:

Damien McIntosh was the starting right tackle for this team.  

The second best receiver on this roster was a guy that was released by Chicago.  Who, I will remind you have such standout receivers as Earl Bennett and something called a Brandon Redeau. 

The QB for this team was a running back in high school.  He went to a college that didn't have a football program until the year he got there. 

Alfonso Boone was a pass rusher on this team.  The only thing he rushed this season must have been a buffet at the Golden Corral, because I didn't see him rushing any passers.   

I actually think that Herm coached this team up.  Although the Chiefs looked like they should have won a few more than two games this season, let me quash that notion right now.  Look at this team on paper compared to any of the other teams in the NFL, then tell me if they should have won more than two games.  He managed to get his team close in games in which they should not have even been close to close. 

Talent wise, this team was pathetic.   

When the Chiefs committed to rebuilding, Herm went along for the ride.  Everyone knew that the Chiefs would suck for a couple of years.  I'm not sure that most people expected it to be this bad, but if you expected the Chiefs be competitive during the past two seasons then you are delusional. 

I think that Clark Hunt knew that the Chiefs would be bad, I think Carl Peterson knew the Chiefs would be bad and I think Herm knew this team would be bad.  When the "rebuilding" process started the Chiefs were committed to Herm through the 2009 season. So...

Did Herm get screwed? Yes. Do I feel bad for him? No.  If you are naive enough to agree to be a NFL head coach during a "rebuilding" phase, you deserve to get fired.  He made this team look competitive and then failed miserably in the game management phase of the game.  Herm got screwed but he was the one doing most of the screwing.  

Herm had to go, Peterson had to go.  "Rebuilding" isn't limited to the players on the field.