Kane: A Masked Man

Mike AdamouContributor IJanuary 28, 2009

"At seven-feet tall and more than 300 pounds, the Big Red Monster has been tormenting opponents since his debut. Now that he is back on Monday Night Raw, the Big Red Monster is intent on showing the entire WWE Universe that he is an unstoppable force to be reckoned with." - WWE.com

The above quote is WWE's very own description of Kane—but is it true?

Granted Kane is a seven-foot monster capable of destroying opponents with ease. But, for the last five years, the WWE has overlooked all of this potential to be a true star.

Kane seems to be a guy that puts others over. Since losing his mask before Wrestlemania XX, Kane has not made a significant impact in the WWE.

OK so he's picked up the odd title—including the ECW championship—but by impact I mean the World title or the WWE title. These are the two belts that set the benchmark for a WWE wrestler.

It seems the people writing the script in the WWE would rather push and make a star from a Mike Knox, John Morrison, Miz, or Paul Burchill rather than realizing the Kane's superstar potential.

Kane is an establish veteran. Some might say he is past his prime, while others feel he is right in the thick of it. However, the same could be said for The Undertaker.

It's because of this veteran status that Kane has millions of loyal WWE fans. Whether a good guy or bad guy in the story lines, Kane will never be truly hated by the WWE faithful.

This is why I think Kane should finally get what he deserves—a true run at the top of the WWE. Bring back the mask mystique and menacing Kane that made him so popular in the first place, and give him a run with a major championship.

This guy has to be one of the most loyal guys on the roster. I'm sure having if Kane had the title, it wouldn't be as risky as having it in the hands of Jeff Hardy or Randy Orton & Co.—who have all had their moments with backstage trouble over the years.

It would be such a easy thing to do.

I propose WWE run a storyline where Kane is burnt again. I don't know how, but maybe someone sets his house of fire. Could you imagine the "old" Kane living in a house, putting his feet up watching the news?

That would get rid of the "normal" Kane, thus giving him a reason to wear his mask again, and perhaps a newer version of his old attire.

Then have him be the non-talking, menacing wrestler, who others fear just like they do The Undertaker. Don't get me wrong, Kane and Taker are different characters, but they share some similarities, and they are brothers after all.

Where is the Kane that would one-arm-choke-slam a referee if he ever dared count to two instead of three and screw him out of a match?

It seems to me that since losing his mask, Kane is even more behind a mask than before.