WWE Extreme Rules 2012: Why Nikki Bella Must Retain the Divas Title in the Event

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIApril 29, 2012

Courtesy of WWE.com
Courtesy of WWE.com

Nikki Bella isn't the Divas Champion a week, and she has to defend her title against Beth Phoenix in a rematch of Monday night's match.

Here's an idea: why not keep the title on the Bella twin for now?

After a serious reign by Phoenix that saw the "Glamazon" run through the competition without breaking a sweat, the loss to the smaller, more meek Bella seems a little odd, but an "injury" to her leg forced her to relinquish the title.

What looked like a genius idea now looks a bit odd. If Bella is only champion for six days, it could mean many things.

According to diva-dirt.com, the Bella twins appear to be on their way out of the WWE.

The pair are being billed as former WWE stars for an autograph session at Frank and Sons in California on May 19th, according to the Wrestling Observer. The autograph session is being handled by American Icon Autographs.

Does the victory over Phoenix mean the WWE is planning to keep the Bellas under contract after the April 30 expiration date? That remains to be seen.

The entire divas roster has been off kilter since Kelly Kelly dropped the title to Beth Phoenix in October of last year. While the creative teams have portrayed Phoenix as a monster-type champion who goes through her opponents, there has not been a true opponent, with the exception of maybe Tamina as of late.

The only reason why I could see Bella holding the title is for injury reasons to Phoenix or maybe as a ploy to entice the twins to re-sign with the company they have been affiliated with since 2007.

The divas have gone the way of the tag teams, and the creative teams have not been successful to re-create the excitement that WWE fans had become accustomed to. The divas, although not on the same plane as TNA Knockouts, were still a key part of both Raw and Smackdown.

The tag teams are still trying to exist in a promotion made of too many singles competitors.

If Bella keeps the title, then there may be a surprise tonight. Does Kharma re-appear? Maybe Layla or even something else, like a "heel" turn by her sister, Brie?

Whatever the possibilities, having Nikki hold the strap offers more possibilities for matches, unless it means as soon as Bella drops the title, Kharma comes in and challenges Phoenix for the title.

I personally do not see that happening.