NHL Playoffs 2012: Claude Giroux on His Way to the Record Books?

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NHL Playoffs 2012: Claude Giroux on His Way to the Record Books?
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Claude Giroux's six goals and eight assists through the first six games of the playoffs have been incredible, but what happens if he keeps it up, and the Flyers continue to win?

The best playoff performance in the history of the NHL saw Wayne Gretzky put up 47 points in the 1984-85 season. 

Giroux, if he can continue on this dominant tear, is on pace to shatter that record with 56 points. 

Of course, to assume or even think it's possible that Giroux will be picking up 14 points per series all the way to the finals is optimistic to say the least.  

That said, the 40-point barrier has only been cracked three times in history: Gretzky with 47 in 1984-85 as mentioned, Mario Lemieux's 44 in 1990-91 and Gretzky's 43 in 1987-88.  

So while Giroux's 56-point pace is highly unlikely, simply beating Gretzky for the record is a bit more manageable, and breaking the 40-point barrier is very possible. It all depends on one thing: The Flyers must win.  

If that happens, Giroux will not only have a chance at winning the Stanley Cup, he will have the opportunity to join an elite class of 40-point playoff scorers; a class that will forever have his name mentioned with two of the greatest players in the history of the game.  

Love or hate the Flyers, it's difficult to hate Giroux. He has world-class talent and class, and he is incredible to watch; for those reasons, it's hard to cheer against Philadelphia. 

Other than Pittsburgh, fans around the world will be watching this offensive team and hoping to see Claude Giroux lead his team and enter the record books along the way.  

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