Jersey's Super Bowl Prognostication

JerseySenior Analyst IJanuary 28, 2009

This year's Super Bowl is a matchup of two quarterbacks who have been in this situation before. The Cardinals, as a team, have never been here before (in their history), but I think experience is a little overrated, especially when Kurt Warner is the quarterback. The team got this far without experience, so who's to say they can't win it all?

So far, I've managed to stay off the Cardinals bandwagon. I want to jump on. I really do. They're a nice story, a team that came from nowhere, contending in their first Super Bowl ever after shocking the world. The Steelers are the Spurs of football.

They're damn good, they're just so solid, but they're not exactly interesting. But the Cardinals are fast and exciting and new. Who outside of Pittsburgh doesn't want them to win?

But then again, the Spurs are an excellent basketball team and have won their fair share of championships.

The Steelers are damn good as well, and it's hard to pick against them here. They're not unbeatable, but they did have one of the best records in the league, and no one has stopped them yet in the playoffs. Their defense is the perfect counter to the Cards' offense. They're really, really good.

But since when does being good matter? The Cardinals have beaten three teams that were supposed to beat them. The Cardinals have laughed in the face of "good" and have handed it to the Falcons, Panthers, and Eagles in succession. They don't make sense. The Steelers are the sensible pick, no doubt.

But the way the Cardinals have played this postseason, they've defied common sense. Every intelligent argument against them has been thrown to the wayside by their play on the field.

In the end, the pick must be made, and I'm going to stick with the Steelers. I want the Cardinals to win (although I can't say I'm staunchly rooting for them), but they're going to have to prove me wrong once again.

The Steelers don't care that the Cardinals have defied logic until now. The Super Bowl is another game, and whatever happened before has no bearing on it. Can the Cardinals do it again? One can only hope. But until then, I'm going to go once again with the sensible choice.

And so, my Super Bowl prediction: Steelers 27, Cardinals 20.