WWE Extreme Rules 2012: Will Brock Lesnar Era Begin with Victory vs. John Cena?

Michael NargiSenior Analyst IApril 29, 2012

Photo via luchasacess.wordpress.com
Photo via luchasacess.wordpress.com

WWE Extreme Rules 2012 is upon us and John Cena looks to avoid losing his second consecutive pay-per-view main event.

Unfortunately for Cena, he has a big task in front of him with Brock Lesnar standing in his way.

So how will their match play out at Extreme Rules?

The most important aspect of this match is that there are no rules and no matter how dominant one guy is throughout the match, it can all be taken away in the final seconds should another WWE superstar interfere.

I think that there will be interference in this match in order to set up a match at a later date.

Either way, I think that Lesnar gets the victory against Cena. He is going to do what he has to do to win no matter what it takes.

Even if it is out of his hands, someone will make an appearance to cost Cena and create a future feud.

Lesnar is going to be here for a while and is slowly going to climb his way to the top. He made it clear last week on Raw that he plans on being a huge part of the company from here on out.

WWE is slowly trying to get more fans to support Cena and a loss in a controversial way will evoke more sympathy for him. 

In the process, Lesnar will become more hated by fans and become someone people will love to hate.

The WWE finally has the perfect villain to dominate the other superstars.

The Lesnar era is about to be solidified as he is about to become the face of this organization.