Andy Carroll: Let's Stop Hounding the Liverpool Forward

Michael KohCorrespondent IIIApril 29, 2012

LONDON, ENGLAND - APRIL 14:  Andy Carroll of Liverpool looks on during the FA Cup with Budweiser Semi Final match between Liverpool and Everton at Wembley Stadium on April 14, 2012 in London, England.  (Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)
Scott Heavey/Getty Images

Andy Carroll

Yes, that Andy Carroll. Who else? Liverpool bought him from Newcastle for £35 million. 

He shouldn't have cost that much, but his season at Newcastle seemed to warrant such a price. Besides, he is English, and Englishmen cost a pretty penny, 

Yes, he was bought for his header, and yes he has not performed the way he did for Newcastle. 

Remember Lucas Leiva four or five seasons ago? Liverpool fans all gave him stick and called for his departure season after season. Now, he's established himself as one of our most important players. Look at how we miss him in our midfield! 

It took time for Lucas to adjust to the playing style of Liverpool. It took time for him to develop his abilities. Although he is out for the season, Lucas is still an important player for Liverpool now and for the future.

Carroll is just 23 years old. He's 6'3" and physically powerful and has a powerful left foot. Players like him are hard to come by. Carroll just needs time to be developed. 

We as fans want quick solutions. We don't want to see our teams fail. We wince when we see that we're placed below Everton. We agree that we should be in the top four. We hate the fact that our summer purchases have been underperforming. We especially hate it when big-name spendings become flops–we as Liverpool fans have seen that way too many times in the past. 

I don't consider Carroll a flop. He's way too young to be considered one. So he hasn't performed as his market price dictated his abilities. So he hasn't been scoring goals with his head. So he hasn't been as dominant in the air as he is touted to be.

I still think he is just raw talent right now. Liverpool just needs to mentor Carroll, and in turn, Carroll needs to fix his behavior on and off the pitch to help further the team's progress and become a feared forward in the near future.

I know his technical abilities leave much to be desired, but I know Carroll has potential. I am a firm believer that, although he won't be our main goalscorer, he will contribute to the team through assists and set-piece goals–we've seen a bit of his trickery against Blackburn and against Manchester City.

Maybe he's a late bloomer. Just give him some time.