Calling All Bleacher Creatures: Write about Your Home Court Advantage

Jameson FlemingSenior Writer IJanuary 28, 2009

The other day I was reading about Utah State and frankly I knew nothing about Utah State's basketball program. So I got thinking, wouldn't it be great if every writer in the college basketball community wrote an article detailing the home arena experience for his or her respective team.

So this is how I want this to work (though I'm gladly open to any suggestions anyone has): If your favorite team is Maryland and you've been to a Terrapins' game, write an article describing the complete college basketball experience in Maryland. Include where the students sit, their favorite chants, how many people go to games, the traditions, the atmosphere, is the food affordable, is the arena easily accessible.

Throw in a little bit of historical tradition. Let us know about a few of your team's best teams over the years. Add in a few memorable moments. Describe your hatred for your rival.

Basically include anything and everything that's relevant and allows us to picture what a game is like in your home court. If you can do it in 500 words or 5,000; it doesn't matter.

Give your article the title: B/R Home Court Advantage: Team's Arena. So for Syracuse it'd be, B/R Home Court Advantage: Syracuse's Carrier Dome. 

Multiple articles for the same team are gladly accepted. Everybody has different experiences and stories to tell about his or her home team.

When you're done with your article post the link on my bulletin board and I'll eventually when a bunch have been written compose an article that includes all the links. I'll see if Zander can create a box on the main college basketball page that includes the link to that article. The box would be very similar to the box that appeared on the college football page that contained the B/RCS Competition info.

This initiative would set the college basketball community apart from the rest of B/R and set a great example for the rest of the site.

Leave any suggestions and ideas in the comments.