WWE Smackdown: Too Many New Talents Getting Too Much, Too Soon?

Justin WatrySenior WriterApril 28, 2012

UNCASVILLE, CT - AUGUST 3:  Actor Jeremy Piven guest hosts WWE's 'Monday Night Raw' at Mohegan Sun on August 3, 2009 in Uncasville, Connecticut.  (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
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Let me put up a few notes before I begin:

1. I love new talents being introduced every year after WrestleMania.

2. Each new or fresh talent has been impressive, and I look forward to their work.

3. This will focus mostly on SmackDown, with a little bit on Raw.

With that said, WWE may be setting themselves up for a disaster here. Not right now! However, this entire roster could be very bloated in a few months.

This is just a warning.

On Raw, Lord Tensai is currently winning short matches. He had one main event with John Cena and (rightfully) picked up the victory. Other than that, it has been quick and decisive pins.

Brock Lesnar is back and certainly shouldn't lose for a long time.

He is not in the ring yet, but Abraham Washington is trying to scout talent right now. He may be a manager, but the man is still a fresh face to a lot of fans around the world.

Then we move to the real problem: SmackDown!

Last night, Antonio debuted in a WWE ring. He seems to be paired with my "it" girl, Aksana. That is a good move, as they make a nice heel couple.

He crushed Tyson Kidd in a short match.

Then we move to the tag team ranks. Currently, the true star of the division is my "it" girl, Rosa Mendes. That may not last much longer, as Darren Young and Titus O'Neil are making waves.

For the past two weeks, they have picked up wins. How?

Of course, they did so in quick fashion over lower card talent.

We aren't done yet!

For the past few weeks, Ryback has been dominating in short matches. He is beating local talent in short and decisive fashion. Sound familiar?

Well, next week will may be getting yet another very similar scenario. Damien Sandow seems to be debuting next week for the Blue Brand, as his promos teased.

Guess what he will likely do in his first match?

Yes, beat a lower card talent in quick fashion. I am all for having a few "squash" matches, but this is getting ridiculous. This isn't the 1980's or 1990's, where short matches were the norm for the whole show each week.

This is 2012. I love new talent being exposed, but almost all of them are doing the same thing. Even worse, all but Ryback seem to be heels. That is just scary to think about...

WWE really needs some big faces to break through quickly. That is a totally different issue, but it ties into this next point.

SmackDown may feature a lot of new talent right now, but that may not last much longer.

Christian and Wade Barrett are almost ready to return from injury. That would bring even more heels in the mix by summertime. All of them are currently on SmackDown.

Think about that for a second...

Christian, Wade Barrett, Darren Young, Ryback, Titus O'Neil, Antonio, Damien Sandow and more would all be trying to steal the spotlight at once. Throw in Tensai, AW and anybody else from Raw.

Mind you, all but one are heels.

If that isn't a crowded scene, think about a few other great FCW talents ready to move up to the main roster. Any day now, Dean Ambrose or Seth Rollins could debut. Somehow, all of these performers are going to "stand out" at the same time.

I am sorry, but I find that hard to believe. Then you have the current top names in Sheamus, Randy Orton, Big Show, Cody Rhodes, Daniel Byran and more on SmackDown each week!


Good luck finding time for everybody on SmackDown. It may not seem very crowded right now, but it is only going to get worse in the next month or so.

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