What Is Wrong with the NBA's Fan Community?

Eric StreithorstContributor IJanuary 27, 2009

Honestly, I don't know what all of the NBA fans who voted for this years NBA All-Star Game were thinking. I'm sure I'm not the only person who is thinking the same thing either.

I am sick and tired of players just getting voted to be the starter for the All-Star Game just because they are a big-name player. It's the same thing every year. No matter what there stats are they get voted in over and over.

When fans vote, they should be voting for the players that they think best deserve to represent there conference in the All-Star Game. Let me start by talking about the eastern conference.

My biggest question is why did Allen Iverson get voted as the starting guard for the eastern conference? He is averaging 17.7 points a game, which is decent, but let me just name a few players with better stats than him that are more deserving. The following players are who I think deserve to be in before him.

Chauncey Billups, who averages 18.7 points a game, and has been great for Denver to push Denver into first place since the trade.

Another player that could take the place of Iverson is Devin Harris. Harris averages 21.5 points a game and 6.4 assists a game, he is a great team player and deserves to be the starting point guard for the eastern conference. Or what about Jason Terry, who averages 20.3 points a game?

Another thing that is bothering me is Kevin Garnett getting voted in as the starting forward for the East. He is not really having an unbelievable season. He is only averaging 16.3 points a game. That number doesn't even put him in the top 50 scorers in the NBA. So does he really deserve it over all of the guys in front of him?

Why does he get the spot over Chris Bosh who averages 22.3 points a game and 9.80 rebounds, or how about Rashard Lewis? He averages 19.2 points a game.

So overall, I am very frustrated with the way the fans voted for the Eastern Conference. As far as the way the fans voted for the Western Conference, I'm satisfied with it.

Here is what I think the starting lineups should look like for this years 2009 NBA All-Star Game.


G Devin Harris

G Dwyane Wade

F LeBron James

F Chris Bosh

C Dwight Howard


Western (Same as Actual)

G Kobe Bryant

G Chris Paul

F Tim Duncan

F Amare Stoudemire

C Yao Ming