WWE and TNA: Let's Look at the Women Champions

Christi LottCorrespondent IJanuary 27, 2009

Now that we have a new WWE Women's Champion, I thought it would be a good time to look at our three women on top of their shows.


TNA Knockouts champion: Awesome Kong

There are plenty of male wrestlers who would kill for her look and her gimmick. Unless you're a fan of Mexican or Japanese women's wrestling, then never has a woman like this appeared on your TV.

Currently, she's in her second reign and is definitely the heel of heels. Unfortunately for her and TNA, she's battling some injuries, as she is pretty much the only constant and consistent heel that wrestles.

As for a woman her size, back pain and a possible knee surgery is said to be looming. Currently, her No. 1 contender is ODB. I like ODB as the contender way more than Christy Hemme being it.

ODB has been around for quite a while and has never quite been able to take off. I believe a "long time coming" title run is in her future, but I believe Kong will come off a much needed rest sometime before summer and run things once again.


WWE Women's Champion: Melina

Who would have thought someone could come back from an injury and less than two months later be a champion? Well, Cena has that card, but I mean for the women.

After the failed return and contender push of Candice Michelle, I wondered if the WWE would pull the same with Melina. They did. But instead of Melina having her first return match on live TV like Candice, Melina went to FCW and had some matches.

It was obvious that the WWE was moving to put a lot of support behind her to replace Mickie as a top Diva. Melina came back with full force and with a new finisher and proved nothing had changed in her six-month absence.

At the Royal Rumble, she surprisingly won the title in a clean finish on Beth Phoenix and emotionally captured her third title reign. Her current No. 1 contender is obviously the former champ, but this distraction of Rosa Mendes puts into question who will truly come out on the losing side of this feud.

Although I'm surprisingly finding her a bit boring as a face, I will give Melina a little more time before saying she needs to turn back. I for one was glad to see her crowned, and look forward to a long reign.


WWE Divas Champion: Maryse

Do you know where this woman was a year ago? Nowhere except in pre-taped videos welcoming viewers to Smackdown following commercials. Less than a year into a wrestling debut, and she is the second Divas Champion.

I was not the only one looking forward to her win, as the six-month reign of first champion Michelle McCool was, in a polite word, dull.

Although Maryse lacks in super solid wrestling skills, she more than makes up for them in her mannerisms and attitude, and for me, is the personification of the word Diva.

She entertains me; from the hair flipping, to the hand movements, to the way she quiets a ref, she makes me want to watch. That's where she succeeds where many fail. More importantly, she looks natural.

The self-titled "Sexiest of the Sexy" embodies, oozes, and believes everything she says about herself, and makes a viewer believe. A nearly serious knee injury has sidelined her for a little while, but she came back in nice form on commentary, and I enjoy listening to her French and her broken English.

Like Melina, her No. 1 contender is former champion McCool, who now shares a heel role with the champ. It will be interesting to see if a rematch between the two suddenly turns Maryse into more of a face than tweener. I hope she also has a long reign.