Open Your Eyes: Stephon Marbury's Respected Career Has Been Ruined By The Media

Brian HutchisonCorrespondent IJanuary 27, 2009

The media has struck again and this time they turned the whole world on a once respected professional athlete.

The only thing people read or hear about comes from the same source. The media. They tell you what they want you to hear and you all believe what they are telling you is true.

Did you know that Stephon Marbury has made "Sporting News List of NBA Good Guys" on three separate occasions? 

Did you know Marbury was one of the NBA's most generous donators to the Hurricane Katrina Fund?

Marbury currently has seven barbers on hire to give free haircuts to kids growing up in his hometown in New York. He donated over 3,000 pairs of his famous brand of basketball shoes to every varsity basketball player in New York City. 

Every summer Marbury selects 300 inner-city kids based off of grades to a four day basketball camp. He also hosts several basketball tournaments to give inner city players experience with playing against competition overseas.

Does this really sound like the greedy villain the media makes him out to be?

Stephon Marbury used to be thought of as a young, talented point guard in the NBA. Paired with his good friend, Kevin Garnett, Marbury led the Minnesota T'Wolves to the playoffs during his first two years with the team. Minnesota was an exciting young team who everyone loved to watch and had potential to be a great team.

Marbury then played the next few years with New Jersey and then Phoenix. Playing with Amare Stoudemire and Shawn Marion, Marbury quickly became an NBA All-Star. What many of you don't know is that Mike D'Antoni was hired as the Suns' head coach in 2002. From the very start Marbury and D'Antoni never seemed to get along. D'Antoni traded Marbury a year after accepting the head coach position.

Now, once again playing under D'Antoni, Marbury is back in the doghouse. D'Antoni has already shown he would rather run a seven man rotation rather than subbing in Marbury. It's not only embarrassing but also very unprofessional that D'Antoni will sit a good player out of spite. Would you want to play for someone who will so quickly throw you under the bus like that?

The media has ruined the career of a great player. He has always given back to his community and served as a great role model for years. Please don't give in to the media. Open your eyes and form an opinion for yourself.