WWE: Brock Lesnar, Rock and WWE Are Happily Feeding on WWE Universe's Hypocrisy

Shalaj LawaniaSenior Analyst IApril 29, 2012

taken from WrestleEnigma.com
taken from WrestleEnigma.com

Amidst the galore of articles and cyber text spread out over the wide expanse of Internet, ones that concern wrestling (subsequently coined under the famed IWC) have lately, and rather unfortunately been laden with hypocrisy. Right from articles thrumming with intent to comments that throng with undiluted passion, there is a growing nebula of hypocrisy straining to show itself to the world, yet we choose to ignore it.

Like it or not, we are all (most of us) hypocrites. We are among those who crack a smile at Santino Marella’s antics and then log on the Internet and criticize his comedy. We are those who used to cheer hysterically at the arrival of Hulk Hogan on our television screens, but now choose to write him off as a horrible wrestler and a oh-so-evil manipulative back-stage politician.

In short, what is written over this wide expanse of the virtual realm is not what we believe. These are just words put forward to appease the masses.

I do not claim to be a messiah or harbinger of enlightenment, nor a jobber-killer sent from the future (Ryback). I am just choosing to point out an increasingly annoying sentiment portrayed by all fans, and their actions which oppose such sentiments.

Almost every article concerning professional wrestling (read: sports entertainment) contains comments and statements that impassively engulf the meaning "we need young talents to shine" or "young talents should get main events" or "I hope Big Show (insert any current veteran) pushes younger stars."

Our sentiments are noble, no doubt, but our beliefs are faulty. It is of great importance for WWE to build budding stars into ones that can carry the company in the future, and this importance we emphasize daily. We want young stars to come up, and would die trying for a Dolph Ziggler WrestleMania main event.

Then why oh why, in actions that fiercely scream hypocrisy, do we raise roofs and bust throats in yelling and screaming for stars like Brock Lesnar and The Rock?

Almost a year from WrestleMania 29, why in the bluest of blue hells do we have tons of articles discussing "Stone Cold" Steve Austin’s return to the ring and his potential opponents?

Stone Cold has been my favourite superstar for a long, long while, and Rock ranks high on my list, but if someone has pledged his life (I haven’t) towards making WWE realize the potential stored in, say, Tyson Kidd, then why do we encourage the blatant main-event spot theft by stars who clearly aren’t (any longer) the part of the bigger picture?

If you look deep in your heart of hearts, you’ll know quite well that WWE has always adhered to the crowd. We hold the perpetual power to make or break stars. A Zack Ryder is thrust into stardom due to fan support, before his talent or lack thereof brings him down again.

A Miz who walks out to poor reactions is forever shelved and a Daniel Bryan with resounding "YES!"chants is given Piper’s Pits and merchandise and relevancy.

Booing the hell out of The Three Stooges means we won’t see them again for a long time. We have, for a long time, lived in an era of people power.

No, I am not John Laurinaitis.

Basically, a TLC PPV with CM Punk, Ryder and Bryan at the top with a poor buyrate indisputably screams we want John Cena. While it would be wrong to blame just Cena’s absence for low buyrates as they have made their presence known on PPVs throughout the year, it still says that a life with CM Punk at the top is inconsequential.

There is no spark of ratings, buys, agreement or a rapture of interest in the program, or so the ratings suggest.

Then why, if the very devotees of Bryan, Punk, Ziggler and Cody Rhodes can’t be bothered to watch their stars on weekly shows and monthly pay-per-views, then why would they deserve top spots in the company?

Yet we scream for their rise, and contradictorily scream higher for a Lesnar return, which in actuality gives us poor promos, questionable wrestling, lighter pockets and a fat, stuffed Lesnar wallet.

This is what we get excited for. And then we make it a point to shelve hate on Kane, Big Show and Cena for "not pushing over younger talents." Are they the ones suppressing stars or are you?

Who’s screaming, "Albert! Albert!" for a refreshing (although slightly bloated) heel with decent wrestling skills so far? If your answer is Michael Cole, you’re undoubtedly wrong and unfortunately misinformed.

Those who claim today’s young stars don’t have it in them, you shouldn’t be saying anything at all. Any star, if booked right and if talented enough, can be moulded into an admirable icon. All they need is crowd support (case in point: Daniel Bryan).

Basically, unless you jig in your seats chanting, "Show Off! Show Off!" or, "Heel! Heel! Heel!" you won’t be getting a Ziggler. Your "Boots To Asses" and "We Want Lesnar" chants will give you part-time and impressive wrestlers no doubt, but ones that contradict the very crux of your noble sentiments.

Thanks for the read, all.

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