Mike Trout Recalled: Which Los Angeles Angel Will Fall from the Lineup?

Michael NargiSenior Analyst IApril 28, 2012

Will Wells have to sit to make room for Trout?
Will Wells have to sit to make room for Trout?Jeff Golden/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have the deepest team in the majors and now must figure out who they will sit to make room for newly recalled Mike Trout.

The Angels decided to let Trout play in Triple-A because they felt he had to play every day. Mike Scioscia said that Trout "will play" in the majors as well. This means that the Angels have four outfielders, but can only play three.

So who is the odd man out?

Torii Hunter is hitting .301 this season and is going to remain in the lineup. That narrows it down to two Angels outfielders: Peter Bourjos and Vernon Wells.

Bourjos did not start on Friday and appears to be the most likely to be forced to sit. His .178 average will likely lead him to the bench more often than not with Trout on the team.

This is the beginning of a long season, however.

If Wells is given the chance to play every day then he better perform. Bourjos will be waiting if he does not improve his numbers. 

Wells is only hitting .230, but still has some power with four home runs. 

Another option might be a platoon between Wells and Bourjos. 

Statistically over his career, Bourjos has hit lefties better than righties, hitting .263 opposed to .248. In three of the last four years, Wells has hit significantly better against right-handers than left-handers, including starting the year a forgettable 4-for-25 against southpaws this season.

It is not the ideal situation for both players, but it might be something that Mike Scioscia considers should their struggles continue deeper into the season.

This had to be done, however. The Angels began the season with only six wins in their first 20 games.

Trout is being given the chance to turn this whole team around.