WWE SmackDown: The Best Moves of Antonio Cesaro

Agent GreenCorrespondent IIAugust 26, 2012

WWE SmackDown: The Best Moves of Antonio Cesaro

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    Santino Marella is not the United States champion!

    That should be a measure of good news for the majority of the Internet wrestling community.

    Even better news comes from knowing that the title is in the hands of a more serious athlete, Antonio Cesaro.

    For those who follow the independent wrestling scene, this is a big deal.

    Before he wrestled in WWE, Cesaro began wrestling under his real name, Claudio Castagnoli. Alongside his tag team partner, Chris Hero, Claudio worked for several independent promotions, including Ring of Honor, Combat Zone Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and Chikara.

    But many diehard fans will see that Claudio isn’t using all of the moves that he once used in those promotions.

    Perhaps this is because some of the moves are too similar to the moves of other WWE Superstars. Or could it be that WWE won’t allow him to use certain moves because of the risks involved? Or maybe he is saving a few moves for the day when he wrestles in a longer match.

    Regardless, it should be clear that he is capable of doing much more than what we are currently seeing from him on WWE programming.

    And with that said, let’s take a look at the moves that Antonio Cesaro should be using in WWE.

Delayed Vertical Suplex

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    Here is a classic vertical suplex, but it has some serious hang time!

    This is a move that plenty of WWE fans have associated with the late Davey Boy Smith. On occasion, it is used by his niece, Natalya Neidhart.

    But generally speaking, it is rarely used in WWE these days. So it would be perfect for Antonio Cesaro to use it now.

Alpamare Waterslide

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    Here is the Alpamare Waterslide. It is a variation of the Death Valley Driver.

    Sometimes the opponent is driven back-first into the mat, and sometimes the bump is focused on the neck and shoulders, which can be quite dangerous.

    In recent years, WWE has shied away from moves containing the word "driver," such as Michinoku Driver, Fisherman Driver or the old-fashioned piledriver.

    As long as Claudio makes sure that his opponent lands flush on his back, the move can be used quite often.

Match Killer

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    Here is Claudio performing the Match Killer.

    He starts off with his opponent in the back-to-belly position. From there, he spins his opponent out and hits a sit-down facebuster.

    In the past, wrestlers such as X-Pac and The Bella Twins have used a facebuster as a finishing move.

    Seeing that none of those stars are currently in the WWE, this would be a great time for Antonio to put this move back in his lineup.


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    The U.F.O. stands for "unidentified flying opponent."

    Claudio gets his opponent in the torture rack position. Then he performs a series of full-circle spins until he reaches the desired speed and releases his opponent, sending him into the mat with authority.

    What makes this move great is the fact that he is balancing his opponent without using his hands, bearing similar mannerisms to Dolph Ziggler when he is "showing off."

Swiss Death

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    The Swiss Death consists of Antonio popping his opponent in the air, and on the way down Antonio nails him with a European Uppercut.

    In fact, the PG name for this move is the Very European Uppercut.

    Antonio actually did use this move during his match with Tyson Kidd. It seems that the high-flying wrestlers work better with taking and selling this move.

Giant Swing

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    This move involves Claudio rapidly spinning his opponent in a circle from the catapult position.

    Sometimes, his tag partner would perform a baseball slide onto the opponent during the swing.

    At other times, Claudio would keep spinning until his opponent was too dizzy to move. But he himself is rendered dizzy by the move as well.

    This move was used frequently in Chikara, a promotion that is known for its over-the-top theatrics and comedy.

    But seeing that WWE embraces imaginary friends and sentient sock puppets, there shouldn't be a reason why this move can't be seen on Raw or SmackDown!

Ricola Bomb

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    To do the Ricola Bomb, Claudio first crosses his opponent's arms and then lifts him into a sitout powerbomb.

    Sometimes the moves is done from a high angle and while standing, making it similar to the Undertaker's Last Ride.

    This was Claudio's finishing move in Ring of Honor. He also used it in FCW, but he is currently using the Gotch Style Neutralizer, an inverted cradle facebuster, as his finisher.


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    With any hope, Antonio Cesaro will work a few matches with some his fellow ROH alumni, such as Seth Rollins, Kassius Ohno, Daniel Bryan and, of course, CM Punk.

    Then we can perhaps see everything that the "Swiss Sensation" can do in a WWE ring.

    Thanks for reading!