WWE Extreme Rules: 5 Outlandish Predictions

Cardiff Wanderer@@CardiffWandererCorrespondent IIApril 28, 2012

WWE Extreme Rules: 5 Outlandish Predictions

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    Predicting pay-per-view results is a constant battle between logic and desire.

    The logical side watches the current trends of who has been winning and losing recently. Logic also evaluates how superstars have interacted on television and how much television time they have been given. 

    This competes with desire, which just wants to see the best matches possible. Desire also delves into the realms of fantasy, where a talented wrestler (or three) eventually move up the card.

    This is a list where desire has overtaken logic: a list of five epic moments that would define the Extreme in Extreme Rules.

Lesnar To Deliver Top Rope F5

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    Brock Lesnar needs to show his dominance in the most emphatic way possible. What could prove his point more than lifting John Cena across his shoulders, climbing the ropes and delivering the F5?

    It should be noted that Lesnar coming off the top rope has been fraught with difficulties in the past. The failed shooting-star-press at WrestleMania 19 springs to mind, but this would be the move that redefines Lesnar in the WWE.

    It's barbaric nature encapsulating the mood that Lesnar has brought back to the ring since his return. 

    A wild move like a top rope F5 would also be a fitting way to beat John Cena. Anyone being thrown on their face from the top rope would be expected to stay down for the three count. Even John Cena, who has fought through so much adversity in the past.

    Lesnar proclaimed himself as the "War Machine" in the buildup to this match. Nothing says "war" like a move that looks like it could legitimately end someone's career.

Rhodes To Go Coast To Coast

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    Two men, Rob Van Dam and Shane McMahon, have flown from one ring post to the opposite one and delivered a drop kick to their opponent's face. Usually it involves a chair to emphasize the impact.

    Cody Rhodes should be the third man to join that club on Sunday night.

    Rhodes is physically outmatched by the Big Show. This will force Rhodes to use his cunning and ruthlessness to win the battle. Going coast to coast would be the ultimate signal that Rhodes is willing to push the limits of physical endurance just to pick up the win.  

    Such a move would also go down as a career highlight for Rhodes, something that the young man is currently short on.

    Ultimately, it would give the audience a true extreme moment and help push Rhodes into the main event picture. 

Jericho and Punk to start In Chicago

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    This feud has been building slowly but surely over the last few months, moving from the battle to be known as "the best in the world" to something more personal and destructive.

    What better way to emphasise this personal nature than to start the battle on the streets of Chicago, the home of CM Punk? The match has already been made a Chicago Street Fight, so why not take the idea to heart.

    It would also create interesting television. What if the brawl started in a bar where Jericho was preparing for his match? The two fight for a while, only for Jericho to escape into a cab. A few minutes later, the taxi is caught in traffic and suddenly Punk reappears and they brawl in the back of the taxi.

    Finally, they end up back in the building and then in the ring, where the match can culminate in front of the hot Chicago crowd.  A satisfying way to see these two finally take their rivalry to the next devastating stage.

Flaming Tables

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    Randy Orton and Kane have been involved in one of the most unusual feuds in recent memory. The feud boils down to who is the most sadistic. This is rather bizarre, considering that this rivalry has been portrayed as a classic face-verses-heel matchup.

    Ignoring that, what says sadistic more than flaming tables?

    Both Kane and Orton have finishers which could send their opponent through the table, and it would be more spectacular than the umpteenth flying RKO finish.

    The only real danger would be that the rivalry would then continue through to the next pay-per-view so they can have a final Inferno match. 

Del Rio Interferes To Hand Bryan The Title

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    Hopes are high for a classic two-out-of-three falls match at Extreme Rules. The likelihood of receiving such a gift is low. This is not a knock on either man's talent but an indictment on the poor distribution of time allocated to matches.

    Time will be at a premium at Extreme Rules, even with only a handful of matches on the card. This is down to the number of skits that are likely to happen. This will take time out of this match and leave the fans wanting more.

    What would brighten up the situation is a surprise winner. Bryan may have lost the belt a few weeks ago, but this would be the ideal time to get the belt back on him. Bryan's development from heel to tweener depends on it.

    A face (Sheamus) and a heel (Del Rio) chasing him simultaneously would force the situation to a head. It could make Bryan. Then again, it could just as easily ruin him. However, it would lead to some good television, which is the ultimate goal.