WWE Extreme Rules 2012 Results: Match with Cena Shows Lesnar Wasn't Ready

Michael GuadalupeFeatured ColumnistApril 30, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Brock Lesnar is an animal. He's an ass kicker and a former UFC Champion.

However, Lesnar is no longer a professional wrestler. Cena vs. Lesnar last night at Extreme Rules proved just that.

Instead of a wrestling match, or even a full on "anything goes" match, we got this weird mix of professional wrestling and MMA fighting. These two things are not like chocolate and peanut butter. 

They don't make something fantastic when combined.

Instead, when you try to mix MMA and professional wrestling, it leaves a disgusting taste in your mouth. Why would Brock Lesnar bother to come back and wrestle if he was just primarily going to fight using his MMA experience? 

Sure, we saw him do some wrestling moves, but it was mostly his ground and pound fighting that he used during his time in UFC.

This is professional wrestling, if I wanted to watch a UFC fight I would watch UFC.

Let’s say we put aside the fact Lesnar's MMA style looked like a fish out of water in a wrestling match, he still went on to lose against Cena.

All this hype and build up of Lesnar being an ass kicker just to have him lose? 

The former WWE champion dominated Cena throughout the match, made him bleed almost right away and the minute Cena finally was able to get control of the match, he was able to get the win.

Lesnar might be an ass kicker, but the way the match was heavily focused on Lesnar beating the hell out of Cena, and Cena still getting the win, makes it seem as though Lesnar can’t handle getting his ass kicked.

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Could you call the match between Cena and Lesnar at Extreme Rules an actual wrestling match? 

You could, but that would be stretching it. 

If Lesnar was able to pretty much dominate the top guy in the WWE, then what’s next? Who could possibly stand a chance going up against Lesnar and his MMA style of fighting?

In the end, Lesnar shouldn't have come back, at least not like this. 

This is professional wrestling, he should have come back to wrestle, not pretend that wrestling matches are similar to UFC matches. It's acceptable to say Lesnar's fighting style would be influenced by the way he fought in UFC.

However, it seems as though he has forgotten almost all of his in ring abilities.

The man was able to do a shooting star press after all.

Lesnar has emerged in the WWE as quite the villain, but can we honestly say that there is anyone on the current roster who even stands a chance against Lesnar and his MMA experience? 

Is it really believable that a professional wrestler can beat a UFC fighter? Could they even have a legitimate wrestling match?

We all know Lesnar can beat the crap out of people, but why would we want to see him pretend that the squared circle is the octagon?

Hopefully, next time Lesnar decides to step in the ring, he will remember that this is professional wrestling.

And please, leave the gloves and the sponsored trunks at home.