WWE RAW Divas: Something's Not Clicking

Christi LottCorrespondent INovember 20, 2016

Watching last night's Monday Night RAW gave me a little concern. There's something not clicking for these girls. Unfortunately for them, RAW is live and the lack of noise from the crowd, from entrances to the end, is telling me I'm not the only one who thinks this.

It shouldn't be this way. The Royal Rumble PPV gave us a solid Women's Title match between Melina and Beth Phoenix, which crowned a new champion in Melina. Although the match was a little sloppy and a little too fast, it was much better than the matches we've gotten in recent weeks from any of the Divas.

Melina, with one of the hottest entrances known to man, got very little pop during her entrance. The same goes for Kelly Kelly.

The match was a typical Divas tag we always get. Rosa interfered by knocking Melina off the apron so Kelly couldn't tag her. Beth hit an awkward Glam Slam on Kelly Kelly for the win. We were also treated to some extremely bad acting from Rosa backstage.

There's still something wrong here. Perhaps creative isn't focused on these girls at all, because, quite frankly, there's so many more stories going on that are better.

For me personally, and I said this on a forum last night, the missing link is Mickie James. Mickie is the most popular Diva of the entire roster, and RAW is lucky to have her a part of theirs.

I'm totally for Mickie getting a break, as someone is going to have to be the top face Diva when she retires, just like she carried the roster when Melina was injured. But look what happens when she's not a part of the show. For these girls, including Melina, Mickie being a part of the match in any kind of form gives them a face rub, and they all need it.

Even Melina as champion needs some help. Her stalled face turn due to injury hurt her, and it will probably take a while for her to get really over it. Plus, no one is interested in the Rosa/Beth angle. The most interesting part of the whole thing is wondering what Santino will say or do next.

I understand the WWE is very interested in their other angles, mostly the Orton/McMahon feud, and I'm all for it. But remember, WWE, some of us are Divas fans, too.

Oh, and before I forget, how great was it to see Jillian get a win? If anyone paid attention, she actually mouthed the words, "I won." And since she's not much of a wrestler lately, Layla is not a part of his article, although I'm glad she has a solid valet role.