Avoiding A Third Disaster

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Avoiding A Third Disaster

As of me writing this article, the Mets will enter the season as follows:

1. Jose Reyes (SS)

2. Luis Castillo (2B)

3. David Right (3B)

4. Carlos Beltran (CF)

5. Carlos Delgado (1B)

6. Fernando Tatis/Daniel Murphy (LF)

7. Ryan Church (RF)

8. Brian Schneider (C)

I have high hopes for Church and Castillo being healthy.  I think that if those two can stay healthy and motivated, they will be serviceable.  I would love to see someone take over for Castillo, but at this point it seems unrealistic.  What I do not like is that LF platoon.  As bench players, Tatis and Murphy would be great, but they should not be starting.  I would love to see the Mets go out and sign someone to take over LF until Fernando Martinez is ready.  Adam Dunn for one year, $15 mil?

Now the rotation, that is a whole other beast. If nothing changes, they will go into the season as follows:

1. Johan Santana (L)

2. John Maine (R)

3. Mike Pelfrey (R)

4. Tim Redding (R)

5. Someone from AAA

The biggest missing piece is another lefty.  I am not an Oliver Perez fan, but he would push Redding down and add a lefty at the 3 spot (I like Maine at 2, though most won't).  If Ollie really wants 4 years, then I say the Mets go after Sheets.  I think that Sheets would be a great fit.  In the event that history repeats itself and Sheets were to miss a few starts, there are guys in AAA that could come up and spot start - Niese, Garcia, etc.  The bottom line is that the Mets need one serious addition to the rotation, someone that can pitch 2 or 3.

I like the Mets bullpen now, something I haven't been able to say for a while.  If they can add a lefty to add a little balance, they will be good if not great this year.  The F-Rod/Putz duo at the end of games is going to be fun to watch.

Overall, I think the Mets are two pieces (OF/SP) away from serious contention.  If the Wilpon's are serious about keeping payroll low, then I am not sure they can/will make the splashes they need.  Regardless, I am exciting for this season, GO METS.

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