Super Bowl 43! Arizona Cardinals' Path!!!

Brendon TateCorrespondent IJanuary 27, 2009

So who's gonna win Super Bowl 43? Now that's a good question, a very good question indeed. Both these teams have been fighting hard all year to put themselves in a spot they deserved to be in.

The Arizona Cardinals had one of the best offenses in the NFL. As a matter of fact they had the second-ranked passing offense and fourth total offense in yards. They established themselves as the best air-it-out team in the NFL having not one, not two, but three 1,000-yard receivers in that potent offense.

I like to call them the three-headed monster. On that three-headed monster we have: Larry Fitzgerald who makes every catch, Anquan Boldin who is one of the most physical ball-controlling wide receivers, and you can't forget Steve Breaston who did very nice things in the slot and in the absence of Boldin.

Larry Fitzgerald could have made a highlight reel all by himself, he was that good. No one could stop the Arizona Cardinals, that is on offense of course.

The two downfalls of Arizona was their defense who played bad enough for them to lose games and the fact that they could not run the ball. This made them a purely one dimensional team, who could only pass the ball. So since the Cardinals could not run the ball, or play consistent defense that means they were one and done in the playoffs, right? No.

As soon as you doubted the Cardinals and say they didn't stand a chance, they come out and beat the Falcons by shutting down Michael Turner and stopping Matt Ryan. "So what? Big deal" is what people said. "It's one game, they will get murdered by the Carolina Panthers."

But no. The Cardinals buckled down on defense and they brought that "A game" and silenced the Panthers' roar.

Still they were underdogs in their next upcoming game against the Eagles, even at their own stadium. "This is the year for Donovan, he will lead the Eagles to the Super Bowl." Wrong again! The Cardinals fired away at the Eagles, shutting down Westbrook and advancing to Super Bowl XLIII!

So are they still the underdog? Or will they be just the sixth wild-card team to win it all? Or will they falter, as everyone said they would when the Cardinals first entered the playoffs?

The Steelers are favored in many places to win Super Bowl XLIII.

Here is my opinion, ready?

Cardinals 31, Steelers 27.

This is why: The Cardinals have three very good receivers—they all could be starters on most NFL teams. The Steelers may have the best defense in the NFL, but it is not possible to stop the three-headed monster in Boldin, Fitzgerald, and Breaston.

Also the Cardinals running game has found life. Edgerrin James is finally playing like his old self and the rookie Tim Hghtower is playing really good football. Their defense has also stepped up and they are playing with an attitude.

The Steelers' defense will show signs of dominance but it will be too late as the Cardinals start red hot and beat the Steelers by four.