2012 NFL Draft: Green Bay Packers to Trade for Colt McCoy?

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2012 NFL Draft: Green Bay Packers to Trade for Colt McCoy?
Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Well, we're one round in and the trade rumors are still swirling.

I'm not 100 percent sure what to make of this one, though.

Bill Huber of Packer Report/Scout.com is reporting that the Packers are looking to trade for Colt McCoy to back up Graham Harrell and Aaron Rodgers.

That's the first and last time those names will be in that order.

This reminds me in some ways of the Denver Broncos trading for Brady Quinn.

It just occurred to me that Quinn was also a Brown.

Indictment of the Cleveland Browns QB selection committee?

This would benefit both McCoy and the Packers in that the Packers would get a backup with starting experience (which Harrell lacks), while McCoy would definitely get a lot out of the Packers' famed 'QB Bootcamp.'


The Packers have the ammo and the Browns were looking to trade back into the first yesterday, but never found a taker. They might be interested in getting some more picks to make some further moves around the board today.

According to Huber's article, the Packers (and more importantly, McCarthy) came away impressed with McCoy. As they have no need to throw him to the wolves as Cleveland did, he might actually develop into a good quarterback.

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