A Super Bowl Prediction and My Thanks to Larry Fitzgerald

Thomas H.Correspondent IJanuary 27, 2009

As the Super Bowl draws near, there are several key match-ups to take note of. How will the Steelers play-making defense fare against the fast and explosive Arizona offense? And don't forget about the resurgent Cardinals secondary against the powerful Steeler offense, featuring their shifty quarterback Big Ben.

Though we tend to focus on these big picture match-ups, we must also be conscious of the compelling individual stories the game offers as well. Larry Fitzgerald has emerged as one of these stories. A relative newcomer in terms of national recognition and often overshadowed by fellow receiver Anquan Boldin, Fitzgerald has come to shine this postseason.

He has already broken the postseason record for most yards receiving, stealing the show in these playoffs with his acrobatic, one-handed catches. With his play thus far, Fitzgerald has made sure that America knows his name, and that he will be a player to watch long after Kurt Warner hangs up his cleats.

But what does Fitzgerald want even more than notoriety and respect?

A ring. That beautiful Super Bowl ring marking a win over the Steelers. But can he beat the Steelers secondary? Experts believe that he has the speed to outrun the Pittsburgh secondary, but they will be prepared for his onslaught. No matter what though, Larry will be in Tampa giving 100 percent for his team.

Shockingly, I believe that the Cardinals will win this game. I have not picked them to win a single round in these playoffs, but I see the Cards crushing Pittsburgh's weak offensive line, and I see Warner hooking up with Fitzgerald all day against that secondary.

Get your food ready and be excited, because guess what? There is only one Super Bowl per year, and it's almost here.