Super Bowl XLIII: Betting Props Galore!

BSW Writer noneContributor IJanuary 27, 2009

For gamblers that don't have a strong opinion on the side (Pittsburgh minus seven at an even-money price) or the total (46 ½) for Super Bowl XLIII, there are a plethora of proposition bets available to wager on. Starting with heads or tails for the coin flip, bettors can get action on just about everything. has "over/under" options for each quarterback's number of completions. Pittsburgh QB Ben Roethlisberger's total is 17 ½ ("over" minus 125), while Arizona QB Kurt Warner's number is 23 ½ (minus 115 either way). Roethlisberger's total for passing yards is 230 ½ ("over" minus 130), while Warner's is 255 ½ (minus 115 either way).

Are you sensing another monster game from Arizona wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald? If so, you have all sorts of options to get Fitzgerald to generate an influx of profit to your bankroll. Fitzgerald's "over/under" for receptions is 6 ½, while his total for yards is 98 ½ ("over" minus 145).

When I bet on the Super Bowl, I like to have one pick (the side or total) that makes me either a winner or loser for the day, while also getting involved with the props for fun, albeit at small amounts. For example, my big play was the Giants plus the points last year. Although I lost just about every prop bet I made, I still came out a winner because the G-Men was where I had the most money invested.

Two years ago, however, my big bet was the Bears as underdogs. That turned out to be a loser, but I made up a good chunk of my Chicago losses thanks to a bet on Devin Hester to score the game's first touchdown at 20/1 odds.

Just for conversation purposes, let's say your bankroll is $1,000 for the Super Bowl. In that scenario, I would suggest that you make your big bet (whatever that might be) for an amount in the 600-700 range.

With the remaining 300-400, go have some fun with the props. If you have 300 left to play with, you can make four wagers at $50 a pop and still have room for four more at $25 per.

With your smaller $25 wagers, I'd take a shot at a prop with generous odds. For instance, the prop for the player to score the game's first TD always has some attractive options. The favorite to find paydirt first is Arizona's Fitzgerald (plus 400), while Pittsburgh RB Willie Parker is plus-450.

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Think Arizona RB Edgerrin James has a decent shot to score first? Those odds are 10/1. Might Big Ben get the call for a QB sneak in a short-yardage situation? That number is a lucrative 18/1 compared to Warner's 25/1.

How about the player to haul in the first reception? Screen pass or check down to Parker? That would net a 20/1 payout. If Pittsburgh TE Heath Miller makes the first catch, that would pay 6/1 odds. also has adjusted lines for both the side and total, giving gamblers an opportunity to collect larger payouts if they have a strong feeling one way or the other. For instance, if you love the Cardinals to win outright and to do so rather handily (think at Carolina in the NFC semifinals), you can take Arizona minus 7 ½ for a plus-600 return (risk $100 to win $600).

The payout is even more generous for Arizona at minus 10 ½ (plus-850). The Cardinals are plus-320 laying 3 ½ points.

The biggest score for backing the Steelers is laying a "chalky" 21 ½-point number for a plus-450 return (risk $100 to win $450). There's a plus-150 payout for going with Pittsburgh at minus 10 ½.

If you like the "over" for this Super Bowl and want to take a shot at earning a bigger payout, you have options. After all, four of Arizona's last five games have produced 54 points or more. Bettors can adjust the total to 52 ½ and play the "over" for a shot at a plus-190 return (risk $100 to win $190).

On the flip side, the total can be lowered to 36 ½ and an "under" wager will bring plus-290 on the comeback. Gamblers can go "under" 38 ½ at plus-240.

Remember, you want to sink or swim with one wager so that the props don't wash each other out. In that scenario, you can lose all your prop bets and still come out a winner. And hey, maybe you hit your main pick and get lucky Devin Hester-style for a monster Super Sunday. Best of luck!

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Brian Edwards,
Managing Editor of VegasInsider