The Los Angeles Chargers? Could San Diego Franchise Be Mulling a Move?

Brennen SCorrespondent IJanuary 27, 2009

The Chargers have already given us a little offseason controversy with the LaDainian Tomlinson story, and now they've drizzled some relocation rumors on top of that.

On Monday, San Diego GM A.J. Smith signed a contract that will market the Chargers throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Some people are taking this as preparation for a Charger move to LA.

From an economic standpoint, this move may be smart. Los Angeles is one of the biggest marketing economies in the country. A Chargers move would surely bring in some more publicity, and most likely some more fans. As we all know, in this economic time, everyone's financial stability is unsure, but the San Diego Chargers could insure some monetary security with a relocation to Los Angeles.

The Chargers have also been looking for a place to construct a new stadium, as their current stadium, Qualcomm Stadium, continues to age. A move to LA would give them an excuse to build one.

Although from a financial perspective this move may look appealing, I must say I disagree with it. This move of course is only a rumor, but if the Chargers do decide to move, it may cost them both fans and players.

The citizens of San Diego flock to Qualcomm Stadium on Sundays, where they thoroughly enjoy their Bolts and the ideal weather that San Diego has to offer. A stadium in LA would almost definitely witness overcrowding, and honestly, what else do they need in Los Angeles?

Another aspect that would put a move into a negative light would be the response of the players. Some individuals may not want to move, and they may not want to give up the atmosphere that can only be found in San Diego.

With that said, I just thought it would be interesting to see what you all thought about this rumor. I suppose it's just a matter of weighing the pros and cons. The franchise will gain fans either way, so I guess the real question is: Does money outweigh their loyalty to the city of San Diego?

I will forever be a SAN DIEGO Chargers fan...Los Angeles Chargers just doesn't have the same ring to it.