Orton Vs Shane: Raw's Ending Wasnt THAT Bad

Mike AdamouContributor IJanuary 27, 2009

Everyone has the right to criticise any a WWE angle or storyline, or how they develop them, but it seems that people are complaining about the ending to last nights Raw.

For those who missed it, Orton told Stephanie to fire him, she said that would be "far too easy" and out came Shane McMahon to beat two shades of crap outta Orton and his peers, Rhodes and DiBiase.

Now don't get me wrong, I wouldn't have had Shane the one doing the fighting, but it's not as ridiculous as some people may think. Put yourself in Shane's shoes, his father has been attacked and kicked unconcious by the guy who he works for, did you really think a male with the name "McMahon" was coming out to "talk" to Orton. He was always going to jump him.

I guess peoples complaints are not the fact he attacked, but the fact that he "took out all three members of legacy." That is rubbish. Rhodes and DiBiase were just trying to hold him off, he wasn't fighting them unless they grabbed him, in which he struggled out and continued onto Orton.

The Legacy, including Orton, didn't fight back for one simple reason, it's Shane McMahon. Orton's job is already under threat for attacking a McMahon, you really think he's going to do it again even if its just defending himself?

You really think the whole "condition" he has got he really wants to use as an excuse. He knows himself it's a load of rubbish that he has managed to conjure up to direct attention off of his potential firing.

I enjoyed seeing Shane O defend his family values, I don't think Orton lost "momentum" at all, there will obviously be a match at No Way Out where he will get revenge, if not against Shane then against someone of Shanes choosing.

WWE needed to do this in the story to stop Orton looking like too much of a good guy straight after the Rumble win. Orton isn't Stone Cold, he's always run away from trouble.

And he was attacked by a man that just flipped, I'm sure many of the people reading this have "snapped" once or twice in their lifetimes and nothing could hold them back from their anger, that's what you saw last night.

McMahons vs. Legacy is developing into one hell of a storyline, and I'm sure it will have some more twists and turns leading up to 'Mania.