New York Yankees: A Century of Those Pinstripes

Tim HarveyCorrespondent IApril 26, 2012

Legendary.Nick Laham/Getty Images

It has been more than 100 years of the New York Yankees and almost 10 full decades of those lines that people can't stop looking at. The pintstripes. Some—like Christopher Walken tells Leonardo DiCaprio in "Catch Me If You Can"—say that's why the Yankees always win, and why they have such storied dominance and history. Still, the most iconic Yankees garb is a little higher than the uniform.

Today it seems the signature NY insignia cap is everywhere. Crazy styles and colour schemes are worn alongside the hallmark blue. Most are worn forward, some backwards and others as though caught by the wind. There are old school caps and New Era lids and many variations between. Some bend the brim to break it in, and others would never dream of it.

Some people (especially in other countries) don't even know what they're wearing. Some think it's just another fashion accessory. Some think it's just a plain old New York cap.

However, 'we' know that it is the iconic symbol of the most famous baseball team of all time.

This team is synonymous with the most famous city in the world, more so than their New York neighbours: the Knicks, the Giants and even the Mets. In the Holy Trinity of American sports; baseball, basketball and football, the pinstripes are king.

Yankee Stadium bases are loaded with classic moments. From every pitch to every "thwack" of the wood bat. Every catch to every out-of-the-park home run. From every perfect, sunny summer day to every zipped up, rained-out play. Through it all, the fans have been here, behind their boys.

They even ruined the centennial celebration of baseball's other most famous franchise the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park, and they didn't even sport the stripes. Like the Lakers overcoming the Celtics at the Garden in Beantown, the Pinstripers wrote another chapter of their legendary legacy as one of the most popular and famously favourite clubs in all of sports.

Looking Good.
Looking Good.Nick Laham/Getty Images

From the greatest of all time Babe Ruth to their current iconic legend Derek Jeter, the Bronx Bombers have called plays with the best of them. From Mickey Mantle to A-Rod and Joe DiMaggio to Curtis Granderson, the club has always been a shining star, regardless of who suited up. That's why there are no names on the back of those iconic jerseys. From Babe's 60 homers to the 3,000 greatest hits from Jeter, this ball club has success pinned down.

Sure, the Chicago Cubs may have been the first team to draw the pinstripe, but the Yankees defined it with a picture-perfect 27 World Series wins. From stolen bases to home runs, these guys have kept a snug grip on their sport for generations.

From Baltimore to the bleachers and from the Hudson to the Highlanders, this team is good at knocking everybody out the park and illuminating New York City like Times Square after dark. Through the years, the New York Yankees have remained like the pinstripes at the forefront of Major League Baseball.

Down the line, could the Yankees cap off this year with a coronation of a World Series crown? What a celebration that would be!

The bases are ready, and the team is suited and booted and looking good.

Let's play ball.