Does John Cena Really "Always Win"?

Jason HannahCorrespondent IJanuary 27, 2009

All the "smart" wrestling fans out there who hate John Cena complain he always wins the big one, and the WWE never has him lose. I didn't really buy into that, so I looked into the results of the past 12 PPVs he's been a part of.  Let's take a look...


1. Royal Rumble 2009 - Won  (JBL)
*title on the line

Cena beat JBL for the title, thank God.  A JBL title reign would really suck.

2. Armageddon 2008 - Won  (Jericho)
*title on the line

Cena beat Jericho in a rematch for the World Title

3. Survivor Series 2008 - Won  (Jericho)
*title on the line

In his big return match, Cena beat Jericho for the World Title

4. Summer Slam 2008 - Lost  (Batista)

In his first big match ever with Batista, Cena lost

5. Great American Bash 2008 - Lost (JBL)

Cena lost to JBL in a parking lot Brawl

6. Night of Champions 2008 - Lost (HHH)
*title on the line

Cena lost to HHH trying to win the WWE Title

7. One Night Stand 2008 - Won (JBL)

Cena beat JBL

8. Judgement Day 2008 - Won (JBL)

Cena beat JBL

9. Backlash 2008 - Lost (Fatal Fourway)
*title on the line

Cena lost in a Fatal Fourway with JBL, Orton, and HHH.  Cena wasn't even one of the final two men in the ring.

10.  Wrestlemania 2008 - Lost (HHH & Orton)
*title on the line

Cena lost in a three-way title match to Orton and HHH.  Cena was the one who got pinned.

11.  No Way Out 2008 - Won (Orton, Via DQ)
*title on the line

Cena cashed in his title opportunity early.  He won against Orton, but it was via DQ, so he did not win the belt.

12.  Royal Rumble 2008 - Won  (Rumble Match)

Cena returned from injury, entered the Rumble at No. 30, and won.



So to sum it up, in the last 12 PPVs Cena was in, he has won seven of them.  That's about a 59 percent winning percentage in big matches. 

In those 12 PPV matches, only seven of them had a title on the line.  That means in his last 12 PPVs, he's only been in a championship match about 59 percent of the time.

In those seven title matches, he won four of them.  That means in the last year, he's won only 57 percent of the title matches he was in during PPVs.

But actually, he only walked away from three of those title matches with a title (since he beat Orton at No Way Out by DQ).  That means in the last year, he's only walked away from around 43 percent of his title opportunities with the belt.

Those percentages don't really scream "never loses" to me.  Let's put it this way... a 59 percent winning percentage in the NFL would be winning roughly nine games.  While that's a decent season (and the Cardinals are in the Super Bowl after a nine-win season), it's certainly not considered stellar, and it's definitely not considered dominant.

So then why does Cena get the "never lose" tag put on him?

Was it because a couple years back during the several months when the only title contenders were Umaga and The Great Khali, that Cena always seemed to win?

Well come on people, would you want one of those two guys as the champion of your flag ship show?