Randy Orton-Shane McMahon: How WWE May Have Fooled Us All

Steve WillisContributor IJanuary 27, 2009

At the end of RAW tonight (1/26/09), I saw something that I feel many of you may have also seen, but didn't quite think about.  I'm going to make this as short and sweet as possible:


1. What We All Saw

Shane McMahon makes a big return to "take revenge" for his father and single-handedly takes out all three Legacy members.  On top of that, he beat the hell out of Orton.  This of course makes no sense at all.

Shane's punches were very off-target and a lot of times they fell very short of Orton's face.  Not only that, but Orton was completely selling everything and mounted no offense.  Shane beating up Orton=too fake for us fans to respect.


2. What I Saw

Randy Orton and Shane McMahon were fooling everyone watching. That's right; Shane and Orton/Legacy staged the whole thing. 

We have seen Shane in many matches before and he may not be the best worker, but he knows how to sell and to throw a punch.  His swings at Orton were so off the mark and fake that no one could miss it.  And on top of that, the camera caught everything. 

I mean, c'mon, do you all really think that WWE/Vince would write a segment where Shane McMahon goes out and does all of that on his own.  No way!  It would ruin Orton's push and the entire Legacy angle by making them look really weak.  WWE is not that dumb!


3. What We Will See

Shane and The Legacy will come out next week and reveal their alliance (maybe Steph as well).  Why?  Because Vinnie Mac was coming back and the kids want the company to themselves.

After their announcement they will promptly gloat about the fact (as well they should) that they fooled everyone!  It will be a masterpiece.

Therefore, Shane will be the new addition to the stable, making it a very powerful angle.  I guarantee you that Shane talked Steph out of taking action against Orton. Remember, Shane and Steph didn't end their last meeting (about a month ago) on good terms at all.

That is all I will predict for now, but there is no way that this is not the reasoning for tonight's ending to RAW.  Otherwise, it would be suicidal for the whole Legacy/Orton push.


Get ready for the Legacy angle to take off next week.