The Arizona Cardinals Biggest Key to Winning the Super Bowl

Shane HouseAnalyst IJanuary 27, 2009

While watching the Carolina game, I saw an Arizona offense pick apart one of the top ten defenses in the NFL and then do the same the week after against Philadelphia. In both games, the commentator talked about how Kurt Warner used a quick release to distribute the ball when the blitz was used.

Both teams had great defenses and even better pass rushes, but the thing that seems to be overshadowed when talking about this is the extraordinary play of the offensive line. This line has not only played well, but has stepped up their play with every level of competition that they have gone up.

They held off an average Atlanta defense, then completely stopped a Carolina defense, then for three out of the four quarters practically shutout the Philadelphia defense as well.

Every game has risen the bar higher and every game they reach that level of excellence.

Russ Grimm has done an amazing job to prepare this offensive line and will coincidentally face the ultimate test in protecting against the "Steel Curtain" defense of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

On an offensive line that has mostly no name players, one name does stand out. Levi Brown has been the anchor of this line throughout the season and playoffs and ever since he was drafted fifth overall in 2007. He has shown signs of improvement almost every game. He is the leader of this offensive line and is the star of the group. Levi Brown has a bright future and will become an all-star lineman further on in his career.

With Russ Grimm's coaching and Levi Brown's help, the most under-appreciated part of Arizona's offense might be the most important. Their pass protection is the key to whether this offense succeeds or fails and whether Kurt Warner can distribute the ball well enough to win this game.

If this line can hold and the offense can score early, that will be the key to the Super Bowl success of the Arizona Cardinals.