The WWE in 2009: 15 Moves That May Suprise You

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The WWE in 2009: 15 Moves That May Suprise You

Let me remind you that these are purely predictions, and if you're looking for spoilers you're reading the wrong article. Although these are just my predictions, don't expect them not to come true, as I'm an avid wrestling fan, and I predicted every move in the 2008 WWE draft, except one. (I had Cena going to Smackdown!, not Triple H)

15. Stone Cold drinks some beer.
I wanted to start this out with a safe bet.

14.  Chris Jericho goes back to being Y2J.
The face turn no fan of wrestling wants to see is undoubtedly going to happen.

13.  David Batista retires.
Batista wants to retire while is body is still in good shape. I wouldn't mind losing him, to be honest.

12.  Vickie Guerrero is fired as GM of Smackdown!, and hopefully will live out the rest of her days happily.

11.  Jamie Noble is released.
One of my favorite wrestlers will be lost in the midst of the budget cuts and will be fired.

10.  R-Truth is released.

9.  John Cena moves to Smackdown!
Now the WWE's number two face (behind newly crowned Jeff Hardy), will switch brands to fued with guys like The Undertaker and Jeff Hardy.

8.  Vince McMahon retires from on-air duty.
We can already see the beginning of the plan to permanently move him off the screen, but how will they officially end it? Will Vince get killed again?

7. Someone big goes to ECW.
I'm not quite sure who it is, but you can expect a semi-accurate prediction around draft time.

Possible people:
Jeff Hardy
Chris Jericho
Rey Mysterio
C.M. Punk

6.  Triple H goes back to Raw.
Expect his name to come up again when the draft comes around.

5.  JBL retires.
One of the WWE's most injured performers, and one of it's most capable will finally call it quits for good. JBL loves the business so expect him to be a GM, or maybe go back to his role as announcer.

4.  Mr. Kennedy wins his first world title.
The WWE has a three-strikes policy for drugs, and I think the policy pertains to injuries as well. Kennedy has been pushed twice for a title run, and both times the plans were shut-down. Once because of an injury, and the other because a drug issue. Expect him to be tested soon. If he can over come his past, expect him to go over someone big. Triple H or The Undertaker wouldn't shock me. 

3.  Christian Cage hits the back burner. Again.
After a huge push coming in, and a massive fan base following, Christian Cage's spot light will begin to dim after the Wrestlemania storyline. The WWE could never write him a storyline, and that trend will continue. Expect Cage to be out of the main even scene by the end of the year.

2.  Ted Dibiase defeats Randy Orton for the world title.
I have no time-line for when this is going to happen, but using my best judgement, somewhere around Survivor Series.

1.  John Cena loses at Wrestlemania

It might be against Orton for the title, or he might drop the title to HBK and face The Undertaker, either way, I think it's about time Cena loses.

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