Money and Musings: The Case for Manny and the Mets

Jayson LoveCorrespondent IJanuary 26, 2009

Far be it for me to tell Fred Wilpon how to spend his money. It has been reported that the Mets are seeking to keep their payroll around the $143,000,000 mark of the 2008 season. It has also been well documented that Wilpon may have lost millions in the Bernie Madoff scandal as well. The economy is in shambles. 

Who knows how much these factors affect his ability to spend money on his baseball team? All that being said, it is a little tough to take for the Met fan to watch that team in the Bronx spend money as if it's an economic boom, and at a rate that far exceeds the rate that anyone has spent money in the history of any sport.

The Met fan has also had to watch the Mets collapse in back-to-back years. The Met fan has had to watch the hated Phillies dance at Citizen's Bank Ballpark as the World Series was brought to Philadelphia. 

The time is now to serve the fans Mr. Wilpon. It's time to get creative! It is basic business. The opportunity is here for a buyer to get one of the best hitters to ever step to the plate on your team. All it costs is money. 

Manny Ramirez is short of suitors. He currently only holds one offer from the L.A. Dodgers; a two-year deal that is reportedly worth about $25 million a season; a raise of $5 million per season from the contract he opted out of this offseason.

We know he is short of offers due to perceived short-comings in character. Those short-comings do not need rehashing. 

However, it is for these short-comings that enable a player like Ramirez to be had for a relative bargain. All it will take is a third year. Is it a risk for this organization? Sure it is. 

However, unless you are willing to take a risk, you run the risk of a stagnant life. The stagnant life for the Mets fan is predictable September collapses. It is impossible for the Mets fan to take. 

Please Mr. Wilpon, open up the purse strings for Manny!