Here Comes the Payback: WWE RAW Rewind

Ron JohnsonSenior Writer IJanuary 26, 2009

RAW opens with highlights of last Monday’s RAW. As the show goes live, Randy Orton comes out with his Legacy mates…and a trifecta of lawyers in tow. Orton comes out and says that he is a sufferer of IED.

I thought that was a light or something.

He threatens that if he is terminated tonight, he will file two lawsuits 1) For terminating him due to his “illness” and 2) Breach of Contract. He then calls out Stephanie and wants to know what she is going to do.

Orton then apologizes for his actions last week via a letter prepared by his attorneys. In the back, Stephanie watches as Orton leaves the ring. The look on her face says it all.


World Tag Team Championships

Cryme Tyme vs. The Dirt Sheet

The Miz and JTG start out with JTG hitting the Mugshot, but thanks to Morrison, The Dirt Sheet gets control of the match. Morrison comes in and continues the assault, all while keeping JTG from Shad. Shad comes in and starts to clean house with a clothesline and a thunderous power slam. Shad hits Thugnificent but The Miz hits him to prevent the pinfall.

After Shad gets caught up by the Miz, Morrison hits Moonlight Drive to pick up the win and retain the tag team titles.

After the match, we get a look at The Elimination Chamber, which is returning at No Way Out with six RAW and six SmackDown superstars being the next victims of it. As King and Cole talk about the match, JBL comes out and announces that Shawn Michaels will compete in the first Elimination Chamber qualifying match tonight…against John Cena. The twist: If HBK wins tonight, JBL will be automatically qualified for the match at No Way Out.


Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match

Kofi Kingston vs. Kane

Kane shows early dominance with a series of clotheslines and a huge boot. Kane comes off the top and delivers his flying clothesline. As Kane goes for the choke slam, Kofi wiggles out and gets a quick roll up on the Big Red Monster. In impressive and shocking fashion, Kofi Kingston pins Kane and will be in the Elimination Chamber.

We then relive the closing moments of last week’s RAW once more before we see highlights of last night’s Royal Rumble, culminated with Matt Hardy’s shocking Twist of Fate to his brother, Jeff during his WWE Championship Match against Edge.

As RAW returns, Chris Jericho comes out to talk about “The Wrestler.” He then goes on about Ric Flair’s advice to Mickey Rourke. Jericho finds out that Rourke will be in Houston for Wrestlemania, and he will face Chris Jericho at The Granddaddy of Them All. In the back, JBL shows disdain and disgust in Shawn Michaels and his actions from last night’s World Heavyweight Championship match between his boss and John Cena.


Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match

Shawn Michaels vs. John Cena

The two exchange blows right off the bat. But it is when Shawn Michaels slaps Cena that causes the Champ to unload on HBK. Cena tries to go for the FU, but Shawn wiggles out and slips out of the ring to regain his composure.

Back on the show, Cena has just reversed Michaels’ Heartbreak Leglock. Cena continues to battle, but so does Michaels. Shawn begins to fight back with a flying forearm, but Cena bounces back with a shoulder block. All of a sudden, Cena battles back again with the Ghetto Bomb and the 5-Knuckle Shuffle. But Shawn counters the Shuffle with a Crossface.

But Cena shows that strength by lifting Michaels up to break the hold. Following the break, Cena locks in the STFU. But somehow, Shawn makes it to the ropes but almost gets the victory only to explode with a clothesline off the top. JBL comes over and tells HBK to land the Superkick. JBL tries to interfere with the match, but Cena launches him into Michaels. As JBL hits the floor, Cena delivers the FU to pick up the win and keep JBL out of the Elimination Chamber at No Way Out.

As JBL looks at disgust at his employee, we see another glimpse of the video from last Monday night and the footage from earlier tonight involving Randy Orton. In the back, Stephanie McMahon guarantees that there will be actions taken against Orton…and it will happen in the ring and to his face.

As RAW returns, we see highlights of last night’s Women’s Championship between Melina and Beth Phoenix at the Royal Rumble. Back live, we see the arrival of the new Women’s Champion.


Melina & Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix & Jillian Hall

As the Divas battle it out, Rosa Mendes jumps in and ambushes the new Women’s Champion. Beth takes advantage and drops Kelly with GlamSlam to pick up the win for her team.

Back on RAW, we see footage of last week’s assault on Rey Mysterio by Mike Knox.


Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match

Rey Mysterio vs. William Regal

Mysterio tries to use his speed to stay ahead of Regal, but Regal uses his physicality to continue the pressure on Mysterio. Regal shows his tough side with a series of punches, but Rey starts to fight back with a quick kick to the side of Regal’s head. But Regal shakes it off and lands T-Bone Suplex.

Mysterio bounces back and lands the 619 followed by the West Coast Splash to pick up the win and qualify for the Elimination Chamber Match at No Way Out.

In the back, Rosa Mendes is voicing my opinion about taking a stand for The Glamazon. In the process, Beth Phoenix has decided that Rosa can stick around with Glamarella.


Intermission: The World Premiere Trailer of 12 Rounds Starring John Cena

After seeing a pretty sweet preview to Cena’s new movie, we find out possibly the final match of the night: CM Punk and Chris Jericho renew a rivalry tonight. The prize: A trip to the Elimination Chamber to join John Cena, Kofi Kingston and Rey Mysterio at No Way Out.


Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match

CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

Punk goes on the offensive early with a set of shots. But it is Jericho that snags the upper hand when he launches Punk off the turnbuckle. Punk goes on the offensive with the corner knee and bulldog followed by a flying clothesline.

Punk goes for the GTS, but it’s turned into a trifecta of near falls. Jericho goes for the Walls, but Punk counters into a quick roll. Jericho shakes off the cobwebs and lands the Codebreaker to pick up the win and earn a spot in the Elimination Chamber Championship Match.

In the back, Stephanie McMahon is heading to the ring, while Randy Orton paces in his locker room.


Conclusion: Stephanie’s Decision

RAW returns with the arrival of RAW’s General Manager Stephanie McMahon coming down to the ring. Orton comes down with his Legacy members and once again, his lawyers and therapist. Orton tries to use his power of persuasion and idle threats to intimidate McMahon’s daughter. Orton’s lawyer then takes the microphone and makes it clear that there will be severe consequences. But Stephanie doesn’t back down.

Orton goes on to promise that he will shut down Wrestlemania…but as he makes his threat, the stage begins to fill with RAW superstars. Then Orton changes his story and tells Stephanie to fire him. Steph then says that firing him would be too easy…and that we got bigger plans. With that, Shane McMahon makes his arrival to RAW.

Shane stares a hole in the Legend Killer and starts to remove his jacket and watch. Shane steps in the ring and stares a hole through all three men before breaking through Rhodes and DiBiase and unleashing on Orton. Rhodes and DiBiase try to hold him back, but Shane goes nuts and drops both men before focusing his attention on Randy. Shane starts unloading on Rhodes as Ted drags Orton out of the ring.

The two battle up the ramp, and the RAW Superstars jump in to hold back The Legacy. Orton crawls away as Shane continues to throw punches at everyone who gets in his way as RAW comes to a close.