Minnesota Timberwolves Ring In the New Year

CommissionerContributor IJanuary 26, 2009

What a new year it has been for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Since New Year’s Day, they have nine wins and two losses. They have had the best record in the league.

Randy Foye has averaged four more points per game. Kevin Love has averaged four more points and one more rebound. Ryan Gomes has averaged three more points and one more rebound per game. And Al Jefferson is still Al Jefferson.

Another big factor has been Sebastian Telfair. Since the New Year, Telfair has averaged 10 points per game, six assists, and one steal.

Although if the Wolves want to keep winning, Mike Miller has to go back to being Mike Miller. Since New Year’s Day, Miller has averaged just five points, three assists, and four rebounds.

After tonight's game against the Milwaukee Bucks, all the Timberwolves should worry about is winning one of their next seven games—because their schedule is brutal. Their easiest game is against the Indiana Pacers—in Indiana.

Here are those seven games: They are at home against the Pistons and Lakers. Then they have to go to Boston and Indiana. Then they host the Hawks. Then they go to Houston and New Orleans.

After they host Toronto and then go to Washington to play the Wizards, it's back to the brutal schedule. They go to Miami to play the Heat. They then host the Pacers and Lakers again. Then they go to Toronto to face the Raptors. Then they face Utah and Portland at home.

Although the Timberwolves will probably not make the playoffs, they still have a really bright future. The average age on this team is 26. The players that have expiring contracts at the end of the year are Kevin Ollie, Jason Collins, and Calvin Booth. All of them are 30 years old and older. Also, none of them are good so the Timberwolves will live.

After this summer, the Timberwolves will have two players that are thirty or older. The Timberwolves will also have eight players under the age of 28.

It will be very interesting to see what the Timberwolves will do when the offseason comes. Maybe they could bring in another veteran to bring in some more experience. Maybe they could bring in another shooting guard if Mike Miller continues to not show up like he has recently.

The Timberwolves could draft Jodie Meeks, shooting guard from Kentucky. The Timberwolves could let Kevin McHale stay as head coach. The Timberwolves could also use another big man to come off the bench.

It will also be interesting to see how good Kevin Love is gonna be next year. Can Al Jefferson become an All-Star for the first time? Also, how good will Randy Foye and Sebastian Telfair be next year? Can the Timberwolves turn it up a notch like the Portland Trail Blazers did this year?

One thing I know for sure—the Timberwolves have a bright future.