Terrell Owens Adds Yet Another Dose of "Reality" to the Dallas Cowboys

robert aSenior Analyst IJanuary 27, 2009

For those of you that were debating the purpose of life after discovering that there would be only one Dallas Cowboys reality television show this summer, please put the pistol away. Everything is going to be alright.

According to the Associated Press, VH1 will run a new show this summer chronicling the off-the-field life of none other than Cowboys’ lightning-rod Terrell Owens.

The show will feature Owens and his two best friends and publicists—Monique Jackson and Kita Williams—and will focus on the development of his love life.

I like Terrell Owens the person. I think that, despite the fact that he is cocky and a little (OK, maybe a lot) selfish, he is funny and he entertains me.

I think that he is largely misunderstood by the mainstream media and fans alike. Although he is still far from perfect, I also believe that he has made more progress in Dallas than he is given credit for.

I like Terrell Owens the player. He is a playmaker that (you guessed it) makes big plays. Yes, he has occasional drops and, he can be a little selfish (OK, OK, I know, A LOT selfish!). That being said, his presence on the football field makes the whole Dallas Cowboys team better—and did I mention he makes big plays?

I do not, repeat DO NOT, like Terrell Owens the television show. It is another bad idea in a long line of bad ideas regarding the Dallas Cowboys’ over-exposure in the media.

Will I watch it? I’m sure I will, because I love to watch anything Cowboys related. And I'm sure this means that I'm part of the problem, but despite the likelihood of me watching this show, I still don't think that this is what this team needs.

Many people are going to argue that Owens should not do this show because he should spend all summer focusing on football and football only. They will argue that when he isn’t sleeping, eating, or (restroom activity), he should be lifting, running, catching, and studying game film.

I am not one of these people. I believe that famous athletes (yes, even the ones that get paid the big bucks) deserve to have a personal life, too. And quite honestly, it is probably about time that Owens finds himself a woman.

In fact, I might go so far as to say that this guy needs a “matchmaker” more than every other man on this planet except for maybe me! (Settle down ladies, don’t start posting your phone numbers just yet. This was not an attempt to turn this article into a personal ad, just trying to make a little funny.)

If Owens wants to spend his entire summer cruising the streets with his two best friends in search of love, I am all for it. Heck, it might help to settle him down just a little bit.

Maybe the knowledge that he’s got a little cutie waiting at home for him with a hot, home-cooked meal, will help him care a little less about how many touches he gets.

It could be a sweet “i <3 u!!” text message from her right before a media session that will calm him down just enough that his blood doesn’t boil when he sees Ed Werder’s goofy mustache walk into the room.

Yes, I am all for Owens doing whatever it is that makes him happy in the offseason, so long as he is refreshed and ready when it is time to get the new season back underway.

I just don’t think that it needs to be on television.

I really don’t believe that we need more sound bites from Owens for the media to dissect and examine under a microscope. I can just imagine watching an episode where a relaxed Owens says jokingly to his friends, “Man, I won’t be happy ‘til I catch 1,000 balls next season!”

We all know that we would open the newspaper the following morning and read in big, black, bold print:


The Cowboys also don’t need to give opposing teams yet another reason to want to smash them into the ground next season. If nobody noticed, opposing teams’ players were pretty bitter last year that the Cowboys’ got the kind of preseason exposure that they did.

Opposing players didn’t like the fact that “Dallas Cowboys” and “Super Bowl” were being mentioned in the same sentence by media, fans, and players—let alone that people were actually predicting a Super Bowl victory!

They didn’t like that a team that has not won a postseason game in over a decade was getting the kind of exposure that not even the '90s Cowboys received.

Other teams’ fans, their players, and the media already have plenty of reason to dislike the Cowboys. In fact, the majority of those that do not love the Cowboys loathe the Cowboys.

So why is the Cowboys organization giving everyone so much ammunition to use against them? Why does everything they do have to be for show?

I am all for Owens living his life. On that same token, I think it is a neat concept to give an “average Joe” a chance to walk-on to "America’s Team."

But why must these activities be “reality shows?” Why must we expose the entire world to the inner workings of the Cowboys organization and their players?

While I fully support Tony Romo’s relationship with Jessica Simpson—God help us if those two get married. I really, really, REALLY do not have any interest in tuning into MTV to watch Newlyweds 2: Tony & Jessica.


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