Which Diva Will Pose In Playboy?

Mike AdamouContributor IJanuary 26, 2009

As much as I'm excited about the run up to Wrestlemania, the constant "predicted matches" articles people are writing are starting to look all to familiar to me.

Don't get me wrong, I love hearing everyone's predictions, but there comes a point where I can't read any more. Some are obvious and some are just outright unrealistic.

So, I decided it’s time for an article that we all secretly want to know the answer of—who will be this year’s WWE playboy cover girl?

Things have been unusually quiet in terms of who will get the nod for this year’s pictorial. Usually, there are more rumblings and rumours this time of year. I have actually started to think that WWE might have scrapped their annual deal?

Would they do this? I mean, the exposure they get each year from Playboy is off the wall. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I heard that the WWE edition of Playboy is always the best seller most of the time.

It’s a win-win situation for both parties, but on the other hand, WWE has just turned to a "PG" rating. Could that have put a giant question mark over this very adult themed occasion?

Nevertheless, I'm still going to take a look at the favorites for the cover—we can all hope, can't we? This is who I think will make the cover, not who I necessarily want.

Alicia Fox

She’s new in the WWE, but my guess is she hasn't been around long enough to get the offer. Chance: 5/10

Beth Phoenix

She could be compared to Chyna, who of course posed back in 2000, but she isn't really hyped by the WWE for her looks, so I doubt it. Chance: 3/10

Brie and Nikki Bella

Now this is a real possibility—WWE’s first ever twin covergirls. I heard rumours that WWE pushed for Extreme Expose to be used two years ago as they wanted to do a multi girl spread. Here’s a great chance, and Hugh Hefnar seems to have a thing for twins. Chance: 8/10


Been there, done that? She's one of the hottest on offer but as she has done it before and I can't see it happening, unless it’s along with another diva, like Torrie and Sable once did. Chance: 1/10


A good shot, but not a favorite as she isn't as active in the ring as the other divas. Chance: 5/10


A pictorial and a music video? I hope not. Chance: 5/10

Katie Lea

Another "Diva" who I don’t think WWE hype for her beauty, so an outside chance. Chance: 5/10

Kelly Kelly

The outright favorite, but things are hazy in the rumour mill with this. Some say she got the offer to pose in 2007 and accepted, but it didn’t work out with the rest of Extreme Expose. Some say she got the offer this year and refused. Some say Maria initially refused her offer last year. Kelly Kelly is probably the most hyped diva for her beauty in the WWE and probably the male viewers favorite. Chance: 10/10


Very possible as she was part of the Extreme Expose group that was apparently willing to do it in 2007. Maybe the hype around her this year is not as great. Chance: 6/10


Another popular choice among the fans, but I don’t think WWE would let their ring announcer pose. Chance: 2/10


Two years in a row pretty much rules Maria out this year. Chance: 1/10


She’s Diva’s Champion, and she has posed for Playboy outside WWE. I think there is a good chance this could happen if Kelly Kelly doesn't want to. Chance: 9/10


WWE just put the Women’s title on her. Is this a sign that Melina is set to get the Playboy push? I think it could be. Chance: 9/10

Michelle McCool

Would The Undertaker let his girlfriend pose for playboy? I doubt it. Chance: 3/10

Mickie James

Mickie is a fan favorite. This would most probably be a good move if WWE offered her the spot. Chance: 7/10


She's fairly new in the WWE. I think she is more of a wrestling diva than a posing diva, if you know what I mean. Chance: 3/10


She is ECW’s hot assistant. I don’t know much about Tiffany, but from what I can gather she has posed before outside WWE so there’s a good chance this could happen again. Chance: 8/10

That wraps that up then, so by my calculations Kelly Kelly, Maryse and Melina are favorites this year. I could of course be totally wrong, or like I said above, they could have pulled the plug on the whole thing!

Hope you all enjoyed this article—something a little different.

Take care,



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