Andy Pettite Back a Bonus? Or Just for the Bonus!

Ethel Lair@twittel1Contributor IJanuary 26, 2009

This afternoon Andrew Eugene Pettitte finally took a deal to come back again for this year.

Was it a bonus to have him and did he come back just because he can earn a bonus?

I think both parts of that questions should be answered with a yes.

Now, don't stop reading and say yes to the second part without hearing my reason for why yes to first part.

One because He knows what it takes to pitch for us and win. I know he had a not so good year last year, but he has helped us win four championships! 

I think he will be a bonus and help his former teammate No. 27 and the team win No. 27.

He, also, I believe truly wants to be a Yankee and help open the new stadium.

Sometimes it is not the player but the agent and in this case two of them that cause the player to hold out trying to get more money! 

I think the bonus offered did help him to decide to come back. I think it was a good move on the Yankees end as well.

He will have to pitch more innings it looks like to get a bonus. So that will be an incentive to do better than last year

Maybe they added a bonus if they got to post season. I do not know the details of the offer.

I just think he will be a bonus to the team and not a burden! It looks like a good solid rotation from 1-5.

They also have good young players as a back up and some could help solidify the bullpen. 

I am satisfied now with are rotation as it is and feel it will only get better as the young players develop and maybe even get a chance yet this year. Just pray that their are no injuries to anyone.

We have to keep a positive winning attitude as fans. Then the team needs to go out each game believing to win and not go out trying not to lose the games!

They need to be a team and not one player trying to out do the other stat wise. "No egos allowed" should be a sign on the clubhouse wall!

So, Andy being back is a bonus to the team in my opinion and a bonus to him as he knows to earn the money he wants he has to do his part to help the team all year.

One thing left that I am questioning and only time will tell the answer. Do we have enough power in the lineup with just the addition of Tex?

Jason and Bobby's bats where huge in big spots of the game. I would feel a whole lot better if we had one power bat added to replace at least one of those bats.

No Manny then someone may still be available. Any suggestions?

Maybe Robbie and Melky will surprise us and/or Xavier will have an even better year and Swish will be a super star again.

I like both Xavier and Nick and personally feel they may be the big deal we made that we did not think was that big when we made them.

Well, welcome home Andy! Now prove to us you want to be back and are a true Yankee by helping us to bring the Championship back home again too. I believe you can and you will do just that!

It won't be long now folks spring has almost sprung and soon it will be the best time of the year for sports. Let's play ball! Go Yankees!